What Skills and Experience Qualify You for This Position?

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April 15, 2020
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Most interview questions are geared towards learning if you are qualified for this position or not. You probably wouldn't apply to a job if you didn't think you had the needed requirements to be successful. The key is tailoring each answer to show you are the right candidate for the company.

Below, we'll break down the best way to discuss your skills and experience in your next job interview.

How do I describe my work experience?

First, you want to do some research on the company you will be interviewing at. Make sure you have a strong understanding of the job and what they are looking for in a candidate. Visit their corporate website and social media accounts. You may want to also do a quick search for any recent news articles or press releases.

As you formulate your answer think of what makes your experience unique. What skills/experiences qualify you for this position?

How long you have been in the workforce will determine how you describe your past work experience. If you have been working for five years or more, you want to focus on the most relevant jobs. Take time to think about what examples you can give that show you could do the job to the best of your abilities.

Provide at least one personal example that touches on an aspect of the job description. Here are some conversation starters for answering the interview question, tell me about your experience?

  • In my years of experience, I have had the opportunity to manage all types of people. Some have been really difficult but have made me a better manager.
  • A highlight in my career was two years ago when I led my team to a sales award.
  • I find working under pressure to be great motivation.
  • I like being a member of a team and helping other employees advance their careers.
  • I have found success in my previous jobs by trying to be a positive role model.

Make sure you can back up your responses with specific examples. A company will not like a candidate that just gives a generic answer every time.

You may find it helpful to bring a few notes to remind you of what you would like to say. Try to find common ground between your background and what the employer is looking for.

What skills do you have for this job?

When discussing your skills for a job, you want to show that you are qualified for this position. The interviewer wants to know what they can't read on your resume. As you answer interview questions on your skills, include examples that show you can do the needed work with little-to-no help.

Below are some helpful tips you may choose to include when putting your answers together.

  • My ability to multitask would mesh well with your work environment.
  • Last year I got a new degree in graphic design.
  • My qualifications align with the job description.
  • I believe I would make a great impact on the company by utilizing my problem-solving skills.
  • I like that this role would allow me to demonstrate my leadership skills.

Remember, it's important to strike a balance between the hard skills you list on your resume, and the soft skills. Both are important, but ultimately it will depend on what's most important to the role.

Why should we hire you for this position?

All of the interview questions employers will ask are helping them decide if you are the right fit for the job. During your job interview, you may have to answer some hard questions. In order to remember the qualities and skills, you have that you want to highlight, bring a few notes to your interview.

As you answer the questions, you can reference your notes but try to make eye contact as well. You never want to appear as if you are reading fully prepared answers.

You know you are qualified for this position but the way you answer each question will determine if you get the job. Touch on something from your work experience that is related to the open role at the company. There might be many candidates applying, so you need to be prepared.

Learn as much information as you can about the company and position before your interview. Review your answers with a family member, friend or trusted colleague. Talking about your experience and skills out loud can help your confidence. If you still aren't sure, read our article that provides more details on answering why we should hire you for this position.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I identify which of my skills are most relevant to the position I'm applying for?

To identify the most relevant skills for the position, start by carefully reviewing the job description and noting the specific skills and qualifications that are emphasized. Compare these with your own skill set and highlight any direct matches. Additionally, consider the industry and the company's culture, as these can provide clues about which of your skills might be particularly valuable. It's also helpful to think about transferable skills that may not be directly listed but are applicable to the role.

Can you provide an example of how to relate past experience to a new job during an interview?

Certainly! When discussing past experience, focus on situations that demonstrate your proficiency in skills relevant to the new job. For example, if the position requires strong leadership abilities, you might say, "In my previous role as a team leader, I successfully managed a group of ten, coordinating projects that resulted in a 20% increase in productivity. I believe this experience has equipped me with the leadership skills necessary to contribute to your team's success." Tailor your examples to reflect the key competencies of the new position.

How can I effectively communicate that I have the skills and experience required for a job if I'm changing industries?

When changing industries, it's important to emphasize your transferable skills. Articulate how your previous experiences have equipped you with a versatile skill set that can be applied to the new industry. For example, "While my background is in hospitality, the customer service and problem-solving skills I've honed are directly applicable to the client relations aspect of this position. My ability to adapt and learn quickly will also enable me to grasp industry-specific knowledge effectively." Highlight your adaptability and eagerness to learn as assets that will help you transition smoothly.

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