What Jobs Can You Get With A Business Administration Degree In 2022?

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February 10, 2022
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If you are wondering what jobs can you get with a business administration degree in the new year then you are in the right place!

Companies and organizations are looking for employees who can take care of the administrative side of the business. When employees acquire a business degree, they can keep pace with modern business practices, so employers may encourage employees to pursue business administration degrees. In addition, an employee with a business administration degree learns business theories and acquires the skillset vital for the success and growth of the organization. 

When you acquire a business administration degree you can tap into the field of management, marketing, finance, and even human resources! You can even try your luck as a business analyst or an accountant. In addition, you can learn effective communication and ways to handle an organization effectively. In short, there are various possibilities to survive with a degree in business administration.

A business administration degree can give you the entrepreneurial mindset to even start your own business! The sky is the limit when you have the knowledge, skills, and experience. All you have to do is try your best! 

What Jobs Can You Get With A Business Administration Degree? 

You may opt for a bachelor of science or a bachelor of arts during your business administration program! With science in business administration, you are more on the technical side. You can get a job based on your educational preference, location, experience, skills, and expertise. 

With a business administration degree, you can look for the following jobs in 2022: 

#1. Business Consultant 

A business consultant can help a company think outside the box! You can become a business consultant and guide an organization about its products, services, or how to achieve success. You are involved in the company's growth. You can help a company achieve its goal and provide solutions to potential problems. As a business consultant, you have problem-solving and analytical skills, and the median salaries vary by state, experience, and more! Also, it depends on whether business consultants have bachelor's degrees or master’s degrees. 

According to Glassdoor, the national average salary of a business consultant in the United States is $79,858 per year. A senior business consultant can earn up to $107,585 per year.

#2. Accountant 

The accountants prepare the financial statements of a company. They also review the financial data and can organize and analyze complex documents with their maths and analytical skills. As an accountant, you can identify financial fraud and prepare tax documents. When deciding your professional life, you can join the career paths of accountants! 

The average base salary in the USA is $70,498 per year for an accountant. They can also expect an additional cash compensation of $5586 per year (average). 

#3. Marketing Manager 

As a marketing manager, you raise awareness about a company's product or service by using the marketing campaigns and strategies that make a business successful. In today's age of the internet and information technology, a company may expect you to be aware of social media and devise marketing strategies accordingly, or they may hire a social media manager for such tasks. Still, you could be in the loop to make the company successful by coordinating with the team members for social media management. The business management has evolved and so have the role of marketing and management consultants

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the marketing managers' employment can grow by 10% from 2020 to 2030. The average base pay of a marketing manager in the United States is $104,295 per year. 

#4. Sales Manager 

A sales manager is responsible for recruiting, hiring, and training a company's sales team. You guide the sales team on achieving the sales target and business goals. You are in charge of generating revenue for the company, so a business administration degree can help you succeed in this role. 

The national average salary of a sales manager in the United States is $68,587 per year. But, of course, the pay varies by state, and the value also depends on your experience! 

#5. Market Research Analyst 

If you have an eye for detail and can solve customer queries by looking at the data pattern, you will find the role of market research analyst perfect for yourself! As a market research analyst, you study the marketplace and try to collect data that can help research more about the services and products of a company. You determine where your company stands in the market and keep an eye on the competitors. The role could be challenging, but you will be finding ways to delight the customers. You can get this job with a bachelor's in business administration, but you can further advance your career with a master's degree. 

A market research analyst earns an average national salary of $60,280 per year in the United States. 

#6. Human Resource Manager 

The human resources manager is responsible for recruiting and training employees. In addition, they look into the benefits and compensation of the employees. You have to manage the staff issues if you become the company's human resource manager. A human resource manager has strong decision-making skills and knows how to effectively run the human resource department. A bachelor's degree in business or human resources can help you start your career as human resources specialist, and you can also impact lives as hr specialist. 

The average base salary of a human resources manager in the United States is $81,185 per year. 

#7. Your Own Business 

There are many other jobs that you can do with the business administration degree. For example, you may want to consider financial analyst, management analyst, operations manager, or maybe project management roles. Still, when you have the business knowledge and the entrepreneurial skills, you can even start your own business. 

For example:

  • You can become a self-employed writer! 
  • You can start selling products online like clothes or mugs!
  • It's even possible to start your own company from home. You can be a baker. 
  • You can sell handmade products on online platforms if you know crochet! 
  • And more! 

You need to know the state rules and regulations to start and run your business. You need to have a business idea, and the business administration degree can help you achieve success, and you may even create jobs in the economy. 

Final Thoughts 

There are a variety of jobs that you may get in the new year. However, the goal here is to find a job that matches your skills and passion. Therefore, it's best to know what type of job can suit your style and the pay you expect. Then, depending on your preferences and experience, you can see what role suits you best!

Frequently Asked Questions

What entry-level positions are available to recent graduates with a business administration degree?

Recent graduates with a business administration degree can often find entry-level positions such as administrative assistant, sales representative, human resources coordinator, and financial analyst. These roles provide foundational experiences that are valuable stepping stones to more advanced positions in the business field.

How does a business administration degree prepare individuals for a career in marketing management?

A business administration degree equips individuals with a broad understanding of business principles, including marketing strategies, consumer behavior, and market research. This knowledge, combined with skills in leadership, communication, and strategic planning, prepares graduates to effectively manage marketing campaigns and teams.

Are there opportunities for business administration graduates in non-profit organizations?

Yes, business administration graduates can find opportunities in non-profit organizations, often in roles such as program coordinator, development officer, or operations manager. Their skills in management, budgeting, and strategic planning are highly valuable in helping non-profits achieve their mission-driven goals efficiently.

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