What Is Your Dream Job?

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May 22, 2020
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Any time you're interviewing for a job, you might be asked a question or two that catches you off guard. What is your dream job can definitely be one of those questions. Most people are not interviewing for their dream job when they are asked this interview question.

So how do you answer it without sounding like you'd rather have a position doing something else? Below, we'll break it down so you are best prepared to answer questions on your dream job.

Why companies ask, what is your dream job?

The person conducting the interview does not expect to hear, this is my dream job! They want to know what gets you motivated and excited, and ultimately, what is your ideal job?

The hope is to hear similarities in your answer that match the job description. Does the job you're interviewing for get you a step closer to your dream job? Hiring managers want to know if the position aligns with your goals.

If it doesn't, it could be a sign that you would leave after a few months. If the interviewer hears that you like doing what the job offers and would fit in well with the team, it's a great sign.

Tips for answering the job interview question, what is your dream job?

Make sure your answer speaks to the position you are interviewing for

You should do some research on the company and the specific job you are interviewing for. What can you find out about the company culture and daily routine that is related to your dream job? As you put your answer together, mention something you read that matches your dream job to the position or company.

For example, if your dream job includes giving back to the community and the company you are interviewing with has a local charity, this would be great to mention in your response.

Do not give a specific job title

Make sure you do not give a job title as your dream job. You do not want to say your dream job is being a VP or CEO.

Instead, focus on the characteristics and aspects of your dream position. This way the hiring manager can see if the role would allow you to do those things.

Explain why you are applying for this position

As you wrap up your answer, make sure you tie it back to the job. Find a way to show that this job would help you reach your career goals. It's also important to share that your dream job would include aspects that you would be doing in this role.

Describe your interests and values and how they work well with the position. You want to highlight a part of the job that you really love. Focus on the skills that would allow you to excel at the job.

What if it's not your dream job?

There is a good chance that the job you are interviewing may not be your dream job. That is okay, just don't tell the interviewer that directly. Think of a part of the position that you like and tailor your answer around that.

During your interview, discuss an aspect of the industry that you enjoy. If you are new to the workforce, use examples from previous jobs or experiences in college. Focus on what you want to learn in your next job and how that gets you closer to your dream job.

Final thoughts on discussing your dream job during a job interview

Be ready to answer tricky interview questions at any interview. One of those might be what is your dream job? If the job you're interviewing for is not your dream job, find an aspect of the position that you like and tailor your answer to include that.

Most interviewers do not expect to hear that your dream job would be the exact role you are discussing. They want to know that you would enjoy your day-to-day activities and the company's culture. It's important to give a believable answer though, so be honest during your interview, and good luck landing your dream job!

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I respond if my dream job is different from the job I'm interviewing for?

When asked about your dream job in an interview, it's important to focus on elements that are applicable to the position at hand. Highlight skills and passions that align with the job you're applying for, and explain how this role is a step towards your ultimate career goals. This shows that you are ambitious yet realistic and committed to growing within the company.

Can mentioning a specific job title as my dream job hurt my chances in an interview?

It can be risky to mention a specific job title that's not related to the position you're interviewing for, as it might suggest you're not interested in the current opportunity. Instead, describe the characteristics of your dream job, such as working in a team-oriented environment or having the opportunity to solve complex problems, which can apply to many positions, including the one you're seeking.

Is it acceptable to say that the job I'm interviewing for is my dream job?

It's perfectly fine to express that the job you're interviewing for aligns closely with your dream job, especially if it's true. Be specific about why the role matches your career aspirations and how it fits into your long-term goals. This demonstrates genuine enthusiasm for the position and can make a positive impression on the interviewer.

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