Top 8 Best Careers for Sociology Majors

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November 12, 2021
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As a sociology student, you study society and human interaction. A society is a combination of shared beliefs and culture. Studying your community in depth can lead to interesting career choices. Today you will learn some of the best careers for sociology majors. 

You have great interpersonal skills. You can work effectively in a team and some of the excellent skills you possess are transferable hence opening a wide variety of career options. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is an expected growth of 5% from the year 2020 to 2030 for sociologists' jobs. 

What is sociology?

Sociology is the study of society, human behavior, and social interactions. It examines how individuals and groups interact within social structures, institutions, and cultures, and how these factors shape behavior, beliefs, and identities.

Sociology explores various topics such as social inequality, gender, race, family dynamics, crime, education, and globalization, using research methods like surveys, interviews, and statistical analysis to understand social phenomena and patterns. Sociologists seek to gain insights into societal issues, promote social change, and enhance understanding of human societies and relationships.

What are the responsibilities of a sociologist?

As a sociologist, you will be collecting data through surveys. You can analyze the data to gather information about social issues. It’s possible to collect data using primary and secondary means of research. The research projects you design will help you understand the issues prevailing in society. You will learn about social life and organize your learning. A sociologist studies society and human behavior. Thus, as a sociologist, you can get in-depth knowledge about the culture, belief systems, and a lot more from the global perspective. 

Do you need a degree to work in sociology?

Having a sociology degree can help you understand more about society and human behavior. You will learn about the cultures and beliefs from a global perspective. You can also explore a variety of careers with a degree in sociology. In short, it can give you a chance to do social service and fight against substance abuse and so much more! It opens new opportunities for you in different industries that are relevant. 

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Best careers for sociology majors

1. Market Research Analyst 

When you write reports for sociology classes, you learn how to gather and analyze data. These skills can translate well to the role of a market research analyst. It’s also possible that you may need a master’s degree in statistics or business administration as it can be preferred by some employers. With a degree in sociology, you also acquire the analytical skills that make you a suitable candidate for this career. 

Market research analysts make $54,872 per year on average. 

2. Social Worker 

As a social worker, you will be providing supportive services to the community. When you have a sociology degree and passion, you can make this world a better place by doing this job. If you’re interested in social work, this career is right for you. 

Social workers in the United States earn an average of $49,261 per year. 

3. Public Relations Specialist 

You may also pursue your career as a public relations specialist. Your responsibility will be to maintain the brand image of your organization. You may need to write press releases, manage interactions with media, and more. 

The average public relations specialist salary is $50,461 per year. 

4. Writer 

With a major in sociology, you also possess written and oral communication skills. Also, because of your sociology major, you have knowledge of research methods plus, you have some idea of conducting interviews as well. All of these skills can make you an excellent writer. You can even become an author or a copywriter.

The average base salary of a writer in the United States is $50,461 per year. As an author, you can earn a median wage of $21.63 per hour. Copywriting can help you make an average base salary of $50,461 per year. 

5. Teacher 

You can also become a teacher with a sociology degree. You will also be required to have some training and certifications if you decide to become a teacher after graduating with a B.A. in sociology. You will be required to get certain certifications and teaching licenses so check with your state. So, as a sociology graduate, you can look into the option of becoming a teacher. 

The average salary of a teacher in the United States is $15.02 per hour. 

6. Human Resource Professional 

With a bachelor’s degree in sociology, many career paths are open to you. You can work as a human resource professional. You will be responsible for hiring, recruiting, and a lot more. You will conduct training sessions and your problem-solving and decision-making skills will make you a good fit for this role! For employment opportunities in human resources, experience and certifications can give you an edge in your career. 

A human resource manager in the United States earns $70,351 per year. 

7. Survey Researcher 

You can become an entry-level survey researcher with a degree in sociology, but a master’s degree will be preferred. As a survey researcher, you will be dealing with data. You will be analyzing the data for the surveys conducted. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary (2020) of survey researchers in the United States is $59,870 per year. 

8. Paralegal 

You can work as a paralegal with a major in sociology. In fact, your oral and written communication skills along with your research skills can be of great help to lawyers. You will work for lawyers and gather evidence for cases. You will be responsible for preparing the legal documents. 

Paralegals earn $51,416 per year in the United States on average. 


There are many interesting jobs that you can do after the majors in sociology. Some jobs may require experience and higher education, but majors in Sociology give you the foundation to advance your career when you can. Nowadays, it’s even possible to pursue a degree online. You can explore your options and opt for the best career choice. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can a sociology degree be beneficial in a paralegal career?

A sociology degree equips individuals with a deep understanding of social behavior and institutions, which is beneficial for paralegals who need to navigate the complexities of human interactions within the legal system. The critical thinking and research skills gained from a sociology program can be directly applied to legal research, case preparation, and understanding the societal context of legal issues.

What skills should sociology majors develop to increase their employability in the top careers?

Sociology majors should focus on honing their analytical and research skills, as well as developing strong written and oral communication abilities. Understanding data analysis and being proficient with social science research methods can also be highly valuable. Additionally, gaining experience through internships or volunteer work in relevant fields can provide practical skills and enhance their resumes.

Are there emerging career opportunities for sociology majors that aren't traditionally associated with the field?

Yes, the evolving job market has created new opportunities for sociology majors in areas such as data analysis, user experience research, and corporate social responsibility roles. These positions benefit from a sociologist's ability to understand social patterns and behaviors, which can be applied to market research, product development, and improving organizational practices. Keeping abreast of such trends and being adaptable can open up innovative career paths for sociology graduates.

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