The Top Job Search Experts to Follow on LinkedIn in 2023

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February 21, 2023
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Are you tired of sending out dozens of job applications and never hearing back from potential employers? You're not alone. 

According to The Department of Labor, 826,000 unemployed workers were out of work for 3½ to 6 months in December, up 36% from April 2022 (The Wall Street Journal). With that being said, it’s gotten even more competitive to land a job. 

That's why we've compiled a list of the best job search experts to follow on LinkedIn. These experts have years of experience helping job seekers like you successfully navigate the job market and land their dream jobs. 

By following these experts on LinkedIn, you'll gain access to their valuable insights and advice, which can help you improve your job search plan and increase your chances of landing your next job faster.

Whether you're a recent graduate just starting your job search or an experienced professional looking to pivot careers, these experts have the knowledge and expertise you need to succeed. 

Why not give yourself a competitive edge in the job market by following these top job search experts on LinkedIn? 

Let's dive into our list and take the first step toward landing your dream job!

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How We Selected the Top Job Search Experts

To create this list, we evaluated only LinkedIn profiles. We looked into how often these experts share insights, the quality of those insights, the variety of their content, and their overall engagement on the platform. Follower totals were also considered but were viewed as the lowest priority. We also included suggestions from other well-known industry experts.

The Top Career Coaches to Follow on LinkedIn in 2023

In case you missed it, we recently released another list similar to the Job Search Experts list titled, The Top Career Coaches to Follow on LinkedIn in 2023. The difference between these two lists is their services. Many people on this Job Search Experts list work for HR companies or are in-house recruiters. Some coaches are mentioned, but they don’t offer the traditional coaching packages you’ll see on our other list. 

We recommend you check them out and follow all the people mentioned on both lists!

Want to Nominate Yourself to Be Part of This List?

We tried to create a comprehensive, helpful list, but we know we inevitably missed some exceptional job search experts. If you think you meet the criteria for this list and weren’t mentioned, we’d love to hear from you! Please email your website, LinkedIn profile, and three of your favorite posts to

The Top Job Search Experts to Follow on LinkedIn

Below we’ll introduce each job search expert and highlight how they help job seekers in their specific specialty. It’s important to note that the people on this list are mentioned alphabetically.

Marie Benigno Ablaza – LinkedIn

Marie is currently a Talent Recruiter at Netflix Games Studio. She calls herself the “Fairy Job Mother,” and because of her gaming expertise and love for Disney, all of her content is themed in such a fun and unique manner! Some of our favorite posts from Marie are on topics like how to message a recruiter and how to align your experience with a job description.

Adam Broda – LinkedIn

Adam is a Senior Manager of Product Management at Amazon, but when he’s not working for Amazon, he helps non-technical people break into the tech industry. Some of our favorite posts on Adam’s LinkedIn include the importance of showcasing results on your resume and the seven useless resume additions he saw in 2022. 

Rob Cancilla – LinkedIn 

Rob is an Executive Recruiter and Talent Acquisition Leader for the Hunt Club. He’s previously worked for well-known companies like Facebook, Pinterest, and Harvard Business Review. On LinkedIn, Rob shares thought-provoking content on topics like the phrases you must say in every interview to stand out and why work-from-anywhere models are so practical.

Leah Cohen – LinkedIn

Leah is a Technical Recruiter for Amazon Prime Video. On her LinkedIn, Leah talks about recruiting, mental health, job seeker tips, and interviewing best practices. Some of our favorite posts from Leah include the stages of grief that you experience after a layoff, resume trends that aren’t useful, and the breakdown of a WARN notice.

Bonnie Dilber – LinkedIn

Bonnie is a former educator who leads Zapier's business recruiting team which includes hiring for marketing, support, people, finance, operations, sales, and legal. On Linkedin, Bonnie often discusses remote work, recruiting and compensation practices, workplace culture, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). She has exceptional posts on applicants’ exhaustion and how companies should approach “red flags” with curiosity and transparency.

Brianna Doe – LinkedIn

Brianna is a content and demand generation marketer, mentor, and career coach. She also runs a job board and talent collective where she connects job seekers with a vetted list of companies. Brianna gets fantastic engagement on her posts and pushes job seekers to be strategic and advocate for themselves. Some of our favorite posts from Brianna are on topics like what questions to ask in interviews and green flags to look out for in your job search. 

Alison Doyle – LinkedIn 

Alison founded Career Tool Belt and the Career Connections newsletter, which provide straightforward job search, career, and work advice. She is also the author of “Alison Doyle's Job Search Guidebook,” “Internet Your Way to a New Job: How to Find a Job Online,” and “About Guide to Job Searching.” On her LinkedIn, Alison tackles topics like why you’re likely not hearing back from jobs and how to determine what career change might be best for you.

Chenae Erkerd –  LinkedIn 

Chenae, the Recruiter Cousin, is a Technical Recruiter at Microsoft. She has recruiting experience in higher education, healthcare, and tech. Chenae creates helpful templates on her website to help job seekers with salary negotiation, promotions, interview questions, and more. On her LinkedIn, she covers inspiring topics like how failure can push you toward greatness and how to take control of your anxiety during your job search.

Nicole Fernandez-Valle – LinkedIn

Nicole is a tech recruiter who formerly worked for enterprise companies like Meta and Wix. With her content, she strives to serve up some recruiter “real talk” and demystify the recruiting process to make the job search process a little easier. Nicole profoundly understands candidates and their pain points because of her real-life experiences that she often discusses on her page. Nicole has covered topics like how to create a quick hiring process and why she believes cover letters are unnecessary.

Kristen Fife – LinkedIn 

Kristen has spent two decades in recruiting and uses her deep knowledge to provide job seekers guidance in their job search. She also offers career services for professionals like resume writing, LinkedIn optimization, interview training, and more. Previously, she worked with enterprise companies like Ibotta, Twitter, Redfin, and Microsoft. On LinkedIn, Kristen has provided helpful tips like the types of recruiters you should contact on LinkedIn and which states have pay transparency laws requiring salaries to be listed on job postings. 

Laura Gassman – LinkedIn 

Laura is the Director of Talent at 1906, a cannabis company in Denver, CO. On her LinkedIn, Laura shares entertaining, relatable, and honest takes for job seekers. She also consistently shares photos of her two adorable dogs for #WoofWednesday. Some of our favorite posts from Laura are on topics like the top resume mistakes recruiters encounter and the general interview question that she refuses to ask during her screening process.

 Adam Karpiak — LinkedIn

Adam is a former recruiter with almost 20 years of experience. He runs his own business where he helps job seekers revamp their resumes, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and more. He also runs a niche recruiting firm exclusively servicing the public accounting industry. Adam is a highly well-known LinkedIn content creator who has gone viral multiple times. His content is very engaging and honest. Job seekers everywhere will love his stance on many overrated hiring practices. Some of our favorite posts from Adam include his thoughts on “bridge job” and how to respond when your company offers you a counteroffer. 

Katrina Kibben – LinkedIn 

Katrina is the CEO and founder of Three Ears Media. Three Ears helps companies write better, more inclusive job postings and offers training, education, and coaching opportunities on topics like pronouns and LinkedIn. They’ve worked with well-known enterprise brands like Instacart, Twitter, NPR, and SurveyMonkey. On LinkedIn, Katrina discusses topics like how to create a healthy work/life balance and what to share on LinkedIn when you’re searching for a new job. 

Rob Kim –  LinkedIn

Rob, a Career Strategist at the University of British Columbia, is an excellent person to follow if you’re a new graduate looking to start your career. In fact, LinkedIn named Rob as one of the Top Voices in 2022. On his LinkedIn, Rob has covered helpful topics like how to tell stories with your resume using the CAR Method and networking tips for introverts.

Linda Le – LinkedIn

Linda is a Talent Acquisition Analyst at Lockheed Martin and the Founder of Listen with Linda. Linda’s LinkedIn is packed with intriguing content, and her engagement rates speak for themselves. Some of our favorite posts from Linda include the importance of being a part of a healthy working environment and why she is firmly against counteroffers.

Amy Miller – LinkedIn 

Amy is a Senior Client Lead Recruiter at Amazon with 20+ years of experience. She is no stranger to being mentioned as an expert to follow, as she was named a Top Voice by LinkedIn in 2022. Amy also runs an excellent YouTube channel called “Recruiting in Yoga Pants.” On her LinkedIn, she consistently posts search tips and advocates for job seekers. Some of our favorite Amy posts include this one about rage applying and advice on what to look for in a career coach.

Anna Morgan – LinkedIn

Anna is a Senior Recruiter by day and a Job Search Strategist & coach by night. She functions as your Career BFF and shares her favorite people leader and job search strategy tips on her profiles. Some of our favorite Anna posts include how to prepare for your first interview with a new company and why you might need more traction in your job search.

Emily Mucken – LinkedIn

Emily is a Senior Technical Recruiter at Reddit. Before joining Reddit, Emily worked with major companies like Amazon and Netflix. On her LinkedIn, Emily often goes live weekly for her “office hours”, with the goal of helping job seekers through these free live events. She also shares tips on topics like keeping your momentum after a layoff and one of her favorite questions to ask hiring managers during an interview.

Ndidi Okafor – LinkedIn

Ndidi is a recruiter, career strategist, and fitness coach. Before starting her own business, Ndidi worked as a recruiter for Amazon. On her LinkedIn, Ndidi provides tactical, helpful topics like how to best use LinkedIn Jobs’ search functionality and why you should not let your fear hold you back from posting on LinkedIn. 

Bernadette Pawlik – LinkedIn  

Bernadette is a job search strategist and recruiting expert with 25 years of executive recruiting experience. She is a wealth of knowledge that she shares on  LinkedIn in both her comments and her posts. Some of our favorite posts from Bernadette include her thoughts on what resume sections aren’t beneficial and why applying to hundreds of jobs is not the best strategy to use in your job search.

Reno Perry – LinkedIn 

Reno is the CEO and Co-Founder of Wiseful, a community recruiting platform for the tech industry. Before starting Wiseful, Reno worked in talent departments for companies like LinkedIn and BetterUp. On LinkedIn, Reno shares incredible insights and inspiration on the questions you should ask your future boss before accepting a job and what most hiring managers think about hiring job seekers who were recently laid-off.

Erin Riska – LinkedIn

Erin is a fractional talent strategist, full-cycle recruiter, and freelance writer providing foundational and/or supplemental talent acquisition support to small companies - start-up or otherwise - as they scale. She covers topics like travel, recruiting, remote work, digital nomad life, and talent acquisition on her LinkedIn. Some of our favorite posts from Erin include her take on the right way to learn about your future manager’s leadership style and companies that are encouraging team members to upskill in times of uncertainty. 

 Sarena Tseng – LinkedIn

Sarena is a LinkedIn speaker and coach and a University Recruiter. Her passion is helping young professionals thrive in their careers and beyond. This includes placing students in internship positions and coaching beginner content creators to grow their brands on LinkedIn. On her personal LinkedIn page, Sarena encourages and empathizes with new graduates and gives tips on how to break into tech straight out of college

Tejal Wagadia – LinkedIn

Tejal is a Sourcing Recruiter at Amazon. She helps people learn what recruiters are looking for and what it takes to get promoted on her blog and newsletter, Coffee and Tejal. On her LinkedIn, Tejal shares tips on optimizing your LinkedIn profile during your job search and debunks common myths about the job market. 

Jessica Winder – LinkedIn

Jessica is the SVP of People at Refine Labs and the CEO and founder of Hidden Gem Career Coaching. Her LinkedIn is jam-packed with great content on People Ops, DEI, and job search best practices. Some of our favorite posts from Jessica include this post on the two weeks notice policy and her thoughts on resume gaps. But honestly, her posts are so valuable and honest; we’re confident you’ll love them all! 

One More Job Search Expert to Follow 

David Fano – LinkedIn

David is our founder and CEO at Teal, a personal career growth platform that gives you the tools, skills, and recommendations to accelerate your career, starting with the job search. He is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience building products & services. David experience leading and growing teams at such a high pace drew him to his excitement for careers & the HR space. On his LinkedIn, David covers topics like creating a job plan for February and documenting your work achievements.  

Additional Resources for Job Seekers

We hope you enjoyed our list of top job search experts on LinkedIn! If you missed it, we also created a post with the Top Career Coaches to Follow on LinkedIn in 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can following job search experts on LinkedIn improve my job search strategy?

Following job search experts on LinkedIn can provide you with up-to-date advice, industry insights, and practical tips to enhance your job search strategy. These experts often share valuable content such as resume writing tips, interview techniques, networking strategies, and the latest hiring trends that can give you an edge in the competitive job market.

Should I interact with job search experts' posts on LinkedIn, and if so, how?

Yes, interacting with job search experts' posts on LinkedIn can be beneficial. Engage by liking, commenting, and sharing their content to show your interest and to become more visible in your industry. Thoughtful interactions can lead to meaningful connections, increase your network, and potentially open doors to new job opportunities.

Are there specific types of job search experts I should follow based on my career level or industry?

While general job search advice can be universally applicable, following experts who specialize in your career level or industry can be particularly helpful. Look for experts who focus on entry-level, mid-career, or executive job searches, or those with expertise in your field, as their tailored advice will be more relevant to your specific job search needs.

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