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October 22, 2020
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Scott Barker is the head of strategic engagement at Outreach, a tech startup valued at $1.33B and backed by the top tech VC firms. Outreach is ranked #4 on Deloitte's 2019 list of the fastest-growing technology companies in North America.

In this episode, Scott shares how he pivoted into a career in tech without any tech experience or even a college degree. He also shares step-by-step how he'd reach out cold to hiring managers and recruiters to get his foot in the door.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What role does Scott Barker play in strategic engagement at Outreach?

Scott Barker holds the position of Head of Strategic Engagement at Outreach, where he focuses on fostering high-level partnerships and enhancing the company's market presence through strategic initiatives and thought leadership.

How does Scott Barker's expertise contribute to Outreach's success?

Scott Barker brings a wealth of knowledge in sales and marketing to Outreach, leveraging his experience to drive strategic engagements that align with the company's goals, ultimately contributing to its growth and success in the competitive sales engagement space.

What can readers learn from Scott Barker's approach to strategic engagement?

Readers can gain insights into effective partnership building, market positioning, and the creation of impactful engagement strategies by studying Scott Barker's approach, which emphasizes collaboration, innovation, and a deep understanding of industry dynamics.

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