How to Make A Career Out of Helping Others with Examples

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November 19, 2021
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You may have discovered the world's biggest secret, and it's about feeling your best after helping others. Of course, you could be looking into the most reliable and self-fulfilling career options, but how do you make a career out of helping others? Let's find out today. 

Helping others can change you in so many positive ways. You can become a better version of yourself. There is a charm in helping others, especially when they say thank you from the core of their heart. 

Finding jobs that help people may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Luckily, in the age of information technology, finding a job can be easier. For example, you can manage your job search for mission-driven jobs with Teal's free Job Application Tracker.

Let's dig in. 

How to Make A Career Out of Helping Others Examples

There are a variety of career options that can serve as the best example of helping others, such as: 

#1. Doctor 

The best profession that lets you help others is of a medical doctor. Doctors treat patients and advise medications suitable for the patients. It's a noble profession that requires commitment and dedication. You can save people's lives by being a doctor. Out of the many career paths, you can choose to be a doctor. 

The average salary of a physician in the United States is $238,096 per year. 

#2. Lawyer

You can become a lawyer to defend those in need. You can be the legal representative of a company or a person. In any case, if you choose to help others through this profession, you can learn a lot from this career choice. You can be a criminal lawyer, immigration lawyer, and there are many other options for you to select. 

The average base salary of a lawyer in the United States is $73,937 per year. 

#3. Police Officer 

If you want to help the public and the community, you can become a police officer. You will be responsible for maintaining peace in the city and establishing law and order. You will also be available for emergency response and investigation of criminal activities. In short, you are responsible for public safety. You can consider getting a degree in criminal justice or law enforcement as it can be beneficial. However, a high school degree and relevant training are mostly enough. 

A police officer earns $53,472 per year on average in the United States. 

#4. Social Worker

You can become a social worker and work for the betterment of society. You can help small children and families. Social work can impact lives as you try to make a difference in the community by helping others. 

A social worker in the United States earns an average base salary of $56,199 per year. 

#5. Nurse 

You can help patients in the hospital. It's a noble profession, and the kind of care you give helps. For example, you can help pregnant women when they are birthing children in the hospital. You can take care of the wounded and so much more. To become a registered nurse, you need to get the required degrees in nursing and complete the relevant requirements. As a nurse, you will be playing an active role in the betterment of public health. 

A registered nurse in the United States earns an average base salary of $79,849 per year. 

#6. Firefighter 

You can become a firefighter and save lives. You will respond to emergencies even when there is no fire. You will be ready to hop in for help whenever needed. 

A firefighter in the United States earns an average base salary of $48,341 per year. 

#7. Teacher 

You can change the mindset of future generations by becoming a teacher. If you are a successful person today, there must be a teacher behind your success story somewhere! 

In the United States, the average base salary of a teacher is $23,935

#8. Substance Abuse Counselor 

As a substance abuse counselor, you will be guiding individuals who have drug and alcohol problems. This role is favorable for society as you are helping people overcome challenging situations that can damage their personal and professional life. 

A substance abuse counselor in the United States earns an average base salary of $46,858 per year. 

#9. Physical Therapist 

As a physical therapist, you can help people overcome challenges after a physical injury. In addition, they help in making personalized treatment plans for the patients. 

The average base salary of a physical therapist in the United States is $82,397 per year. 

Other Interesting Jobs 

You may work in a variety of settings or get a specialization education. You can work as an occupational therapist or an assistant to help people with basic daily activities. Even as a writer or social media influencer, you can impact the world with your wise words. You can be a YouTuber and help people learn new skills. There are many exciting jobs that you can do and bring a positive change to this world. 

Final Words 

You can bring a positive change to your society by choosing the right career. It's possible to make a career out of helping others. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some key skills needed to excel in a career focused on helping others?

To excel in a career centered on helping others, one should possess strong communication skills, empathy, problem-solving abilities, and patience. Additionally, being culturally aware and having the capacity to work collaboratively with diverse groups of people is crucial. These skills enable professionals to effectively understand and address the needs of those they are helping.

Can you provide examples of entry-level positions that can lead to a career in helping others?

Entry-level positions that can serve as stepping stones to a career in helping others include roles like community outreach coordinator, support worker for non-profits, assistant counselor, and healthcare assistant. These positions often require a passion for service and can provide valuable experience and networking opportunities in various helping professions.

How can someone transition into a helping profession if they are currently in a different career field?

Transitioning into a helping profession from a different field can be achieved by identifying transferable skills, gaining relevant volunteer experience, and potentially pursuing additional education or certifications in the desired area of help. Networking with professionals in the field and seeking mentorship can also provide guidance and opportunities for a successful career change.

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