How to Follow Up on a Job Interview

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June 3, 2020
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During a job search, candidates often wonder when is the best time to follow up after a job interview and the best way to do it. In this article, we'll look at sending follow-up emails and making a phone call after a job interview. By using these tips and tricks, you can help make sure the company will get back to you.

How long should you wait after a job interview to follow up?

There are a few steps candidates need to take to properly follow-up after a job interview. The first thing you want to do is send a thank you email to everyone you met with. When sending a thank you email, make sure you send it the same day as your interview. If you met with multiple people you will want to send each one an individual email. Each follow-up note should be different, do not just copy and paste the same email. The hiring manager will be checking with other team members you met with so they might know if you sent everyone the same email.

You want your thank you email to be thoughtful. Touch on a few things you spoke to each person about. Remind them about your interest in the job opportunity. Here is a sample thank you email that can be used as a first follow-up after a job interview.

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me today. I enjoyed learning more about the position and I think I would be a great asset to the team. I love how the company has a strong balance of work and fun. I believe my skills and qualifications make me the perfect fit for the position. I'm sure you are very busy but wanted to reach out and see if you needed anything additional from me. I will follow-up with the recruiter as well. Thanks again for your time, I'm looking forward to hearing what the next steps in the hiring process are.

Once you have sent your thank you email, it's often hard to say when you will get a reply or a phone call. How long should you wait to follow-up again? You want to wait at least a couple of days before reaching out again. If you have not heard back in a week, you can send another email. You should follow-up with human resources or the recruiter, and they should be able to get you an update on when they plan to make a decision.

If two weeks go by without hearing anything, you should definitely reach out again. This time you might want to try a phone call. If the hiring manager or recruiter does not answer, leave a message. Let them know you just wanted to check in and get an update on the hiring process. You can reiterate your interest in the position. Always be very polite in your email and phone calls. Make it clear you value their time and understand they are busy.

How do you ask for interview results?

If you recently interviewed and didn't get the job, you might want to know what you can do differently next time. However, many candidates never find out what happened. If you never heard back or were simply told you didn't get the position, ask the human resources person or the recruiter if they can shed some light on where you missed the mark. If you find out you didn't get the job in an email, send them a note back and ask if they have time for a short conversation.

With this, you are looking for feedback and hope they can share some insights on how the employer came to their decision. If you are told over the phone you didn't get the job, ask the question while you are still on the call. Mention you would like to know if there was something specific you did that took you out of the running for the position or areas you can improve on.

You want to keep learning throughout the hiring process so you can improve. You may not have gotten the job for reasons out of your control. For example, there could have been an internal candidate with an interest in the job. Any additional information the interviewer can give you will help you in your next interview.

Final thoughts on following up after a job interview

Keep in mind that the hiring process is long and can be stressful. Have an open mind and stay professional. When you are writing thank-you emails or leaving voicemails, you want to remind the company that you are a great candidate. The decision-making process to get the right person in a position can be a roller coaster sometimes, so if a company doesn't get back to you right away, follow-up. Reaching out with a follow-up email can make a world of difference and help you stand apart.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I include in my follow-up email after a job interview?

In your follow-up email, express your gratitude for the opportunity to interview and reiterate your interest in the position. Mention something specific from the interview that excited you about the job, and briefly emphasize how your skills and experiences align with the company's needs. Keep it concise, professional, and positive.

How long should I wait before following up after an interview?

It's generally advisable to wait between 24 to 48 hours to follow up after a job interview. This shows your enthusiasm without appearing impatient. If the interviewer provided a timeline for the hiring decision, respect that and wait until after the stated time to follow up.

Is it appropriate to ask for feedback if I'm not selected for the position?

Yes, it's appropriate and can be beneficial to ask for feedback if you're not selected. In your follow-up communication, thank the interviewers for their consideration and politely request any feedback they can provide that will help you improve in future applications. Keep in mind that not all companies provide feedback, but it's worth asking.

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