How Long Does It Take To Find a Job in 2024? (+ How to Speed It Up)

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December 22, 2023
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3 key takeaways

  • How long it will take to get a job in 2024 based on data from 2023
  • What methods can help you speed up the job search process
  • How Teal's AI Resume Builder and Job Application Tracker can help you manage your entire search, saving you time and effort

If you've ever asked yourself, "How long does it take to find a job?" you're not alone. 

Whether you're a job seeker fresh out of college, transitioning careers, or re-entering the workforce, understanding what factors impact this timeframe is important for your job search strategy (and your mindset).

So, how long does it really take? And is there anything you can do to speed up the process?

How long does it take to find a job? 

As you would imagine, the amount of time it takes to get a job depends on many factors, like the: 

  • Strength of the economy
  • Growth or decline within your specific field
  • Qualification requirements for the role you want 
  • Quality of tools you use in the job search process 

Teal's research on how to job search highlights it takes a median of around 44 days from first application to first offer, but it can last anywhere from 21 and 89 days.

A graphic showing the median time of 44 days to answer the question of how long does it take to find a job
It takes around 44 days to get a job offer.

That said, if you've been in an industry that was hit hard by layoffs (looking at you, tech), you're pivoting careers, or, let's say, you're trying to find a new job while currently employed in a full-time position, therefore, have less time to dedicate—this timeframe may be different.

Factors that impact  job search timelines

The strength of the economy

The strength of the economy has a significant effect on your job search timeline. When the economy is strong, more opportunities are available, and competition for jobs can be less intense. 

Growth or decline in your specific field 

More opportunities are typically available when an industry grows, and employers are more likely to seek new hires. 

But, as you would expect, fewer opportunities will be available when a field declines.

Openness to in-house vs. remote work

With some companies opting to reassess "Return-to-Work" (RTO) policies, there’s been an increase in interest in remote opportunities—boosting competition and making remote jobs more sought-after.

Quality of your tools in the job-hunting process

If you don’t invest in the right tools to set yourself apart from the competition, it may take longer to get an interview. Data from 2023 highlights that a strategic approach to applications was one of the ____ to getting an offer faster.

An infographic showing it takes 21 applications to get a job offer

That’s why tools like Teal's AI Resume Builder and Job Application Tracker were created: To help many job seekers take a strategic approach and speed up the process.

With Teal, you can write, manage, and optimize your resume and track your entire job search and all of your applications in one place.

With that in mind, let’s look at how to approach the job search as efficiently as possible. 

How to speed up your job search process in 5 steps 

1. Set criteria for the job you want to land 

Before you begin job searching, it’s best to know which types of jobs are worth the chase. In other words, you should be crystal clear on the jobs you’re interested in and qualified for. 

Common questions to ask yourself at this stage would include: 

  • What industry or field am I hoping to get a job in? 
  • Do I have the skills for the job I want, or do I need to develop new skills?
  • What level am I aiming for (entry-, mid-, or management-level work)?
  • What is my desired salary? 
  • Am I willing to work in-house, or does it have to be remote? 
  • If I am willing to work in-house, am I willing to relocate? 

Your goal is to figure out the roles you should be applying to before the job application process has even started.

That way, as you begin your job search, you can efficiently filter out positions that won’t interest you. 

2. Update your LinkedIn account 

You’ve got an idea of the job you want (and you’re qualified for, of course). Now, it’s time to update your public image. 

That means giving your LinkedIn profile a much-needed makeover. 

Having an up-to-date and optimized LinkedIn profile allows you to showcase your skills and experience to potential employers and increase your visibility to recruiters and hiring managers.

But the most important reason? You want to start on the right foot with potential employers. This is especially true as employers often check an applicant's LinkedIn during hiring.

Teal's LinkedIn Profile Review tool providing suggestions for how to optimize a profile
Optimize your LinkedIn profile with Teal to give a great first impression.

If you're struggling with where to start, Teal's LinkedIn Review Tool offers suggestions that align with modern best practices to make updating your social presence fast and seamless.

3. Start looking for job openings that fit your criteria 

There are three main ways you can go about searching in today's job market: 

  • Reaching out to your network
  • Hiring a professional or “reverse recruiter”
  • Using job search resources like online job boards 

Let’s look at each method individually. 

Reaching out to your network 

Networking is important.

Reach out to your network, let them know you are looking for a job, and ask for their assistance in any way they can. 

While it can be uncomfortable to ask friends, family, and colleagues for help, networking can significantly reduce the time it takes to get a job. 

Hiring a reverse recruiter 

You know how recruiters and headhunters work for large companies to find top talent?

A reverse recruiter works for the top talent (a.k.a. YOU) to find top companies.

This can be a huge temptation to job seekers who want benefits like:

  • Expanded resources with a professional who has the right tools  
  • Increased visibility through a larger professional network 
  • Career guidance from someone who has already led others down this path 

The only problem with reverse recruiters? They’re not cheap. 

But if that small investment leads to a larger salary in your dream job, it’d be hard to argue against the value of these unique consultants. If you’re serious about getting a quality job quickly, reverse recruiters are an option worth exploring. 

Searching online

There are many job boards where you can search for roles by filtering the criteria you determined in step one. These are websites like: 

(You can find more examples in the best job search engines.)

This can be a cost-effective alternative to hiring a career coach or reverse recruiter to place you with a company. 

Many of these tools are free to start and will help you find the type of job listing that meets your location, qualifications, interests, and salary requirements. 

4. Personalize your resume and cover letter 

First, let’s chat about your cover letters

Cover letters can feel like a thorn in your side. For many, they’re tedious to create from scratch – let alone trying to personalize them for each application. 

The good news is that you don’t need to be a professional writer to create a custom cover letter. 

With the help of generative AI, like ChatGPt for your cover letter, you can craft one that's personalized in just a few clicks.

You can use the AI directly in Teal to generate a customized cover letter in seconds.

Teal matches your cover letter content with the specific job you want and your resume, so you’ll have a tailored message to each hiring manager who views your application. 

A graphic showing Teal's cover leter generation tool
Write your cover letter in less than 30 seconds with Teal.

What about your resume? 

Your resume should be tailored to every role you apply to. For that, try out Teal’s AI Resume Builder.

You can upload your resume directly or import data about your work history from an existing LinkedIn profile. Then, modify the results to showcase your achievements and qualifications exactly how you want. 

Teal also gives you access to the latest in customizable, generative AI. That means you have a built-in writing assistant to get the first draft of your resume sections started:

5. Send, track, and follow up with applications  

The last of the job search methods, there’s a step that many applicants forget (or ignore): you need to track the applications you’ve sent so you can promptly follow up with companies. 

The problem is that you’re likely sending out several of resumes simultaneously. That means it can be difficult to track which companies have responded and which need a friendly reminder that you exist. 

Instead of messy spreadsheets, Teal's Job Application Tracker stores your applications in a centralized location. This allows you to:

Save every job you're interested in

Use Teal's Chrome Extension to save positions from 40+ job boards. Or you can manually add your job title, the original posting URL, company name, and job description. Then, save your job and track how it progresses through the hiring process.

 A screenshot of Teal's Job Application Tracker with various text fields for entering job details
Save and track every role you're interested in with Teal.

Organize your applications

After you've strategically narrowed down your interests to the job opportunities you're actually applying for, keep all of your applications organized in one central location.

A graphic of Teal's job tracker displaying application steps and a specific job
Use Teal’s Free Job Application Tracker to help you organize and manage your job search.

A final word of encouragement… for the impatient

Finding a job can be a journey.

But the key to shortening your job search is not just to wait but to take proactive steps. Improve your job search strategy by staying aware of future job trends, setting clear criteria for the job you want, updating your LinkedIn, actively looking for job openings, personalizing your resume and cover letter, and keeping track of your applications.

With tools like Teal's AI Resume Builder and Job Application Tracker, you can navigate the job search more efficiently. Teal helps you write, manage, and optimize your resume and keeps track of all your applications in one place.

So, why wait? Take control of your job search today. Sign up for Teal—it's free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors can influence the length of a job search in 2024?

Several factors can influence the duration of a job search, including the state of the economy, the demand for your specific skill set, the level of your experience, your industry, and the geographic location you're searching in. Networking, personal branding, and the ability to adapt to the evolving job market are also crucial elements that can either shorten or lengthen the process.

Can the use of technology and social media platforms significantly speed up the job search process?

Absolutely, leveraging technology and social media can expedite your job search. Platforms like LinkedIn allow you to network, showcase your skills, and apply for jobs. Additionally, using job search engines and setting up alerts for new postings can help you apply quickly to relevant positions, increasing your chances of a faster job acquisition.

How can I ensure my job applications stand out to employers in 2024?

To make your job applications stand out, tailor your resume and cover letter for each position, highlighting relevant skills and experience. Use keywords from the job description, provide quantifiable achievements, and ensure your online professional profile is up-to-date. Engaging in continuous learning and showcasing your adaptability to new trends can also make a strong impression on potential employers.

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