Career Shift Planner Tool

Changing careers is stressful enough without having to worry about if you’re going through the process quickly enough or doing it ‘the right way’. But outlining all the phases can help you visualize and organize an action plan for the next steps.

Knowing where to start when transitioning careers can be confusing but we’ve got you covered. We created a free planning tool where you can build a plan for your career shift needs and make your job search that much easier.

First, review the career shift phases and estimate how long each one will take you, you can even assign a due date to keep yourself on track. You will get a chart that visually lays out the timeline you set for yourself.

Then, write in the actual completion date of each phase compared to your originally planned date. No worries if these dates don’t end up being the same, it’s normal for the steps to take you a shorter or longer time than you originally planned. You can compare these dates and add in any notes about each of the phases.

Finally, create a career shift goal. This will help guide the tasks you need to do to complete the intention you set. Take a look at the action steps for each phase where you can edit or add your own, assign due dates, and mark when they’re completed. This will help your career shift process be that much more organized and show the progress you’ve made through this process.

Access the free workbook here, and sign up for Teal to start saving and applying for jobs that align with your values.

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