7 Best Resume Writing Services (+ Which Are Worth It)

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June 27, 2024
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3 key takeaways

  • There's a wide range of professional resume writing services ranging from executive to budget.
  • While job seekers often pay per resume with a professional writer, AI resume builders allow you to quickly create and optimize several versions to each job, presenting a more cost-efficient alternative.
  • Teal’s AI Resume Builder is unlike most resume writing services in that it allows you to tailor your resume to every single job application using keyword matching and scoring. 

One of the biggest questions surrounding resume writing services is whether or not they’re worth it. 

The answer: it varies.

If you’re new to the job market and your resume is fairly simple, or you are working with a lower budget, you might not need a dedicated resume writer.

But if you’re looking to tailor you’re resume for the job, while meeting ATS (applicant tracking systems) readability standards, then you might need a professionally-written resume. 

This article compares some of the best resume writing services, where you can hire them, and how to choose the right one for you.

Struggling to land interviews with your resume? Get started with Teal’s AI Resume Builder for free.

Types of resume writing services

While the goal of professional resume writing services is to create a resume that’ll land you a job, each type of resume service goes about it differently.

Resume writing services from a company

Larger companies that employ hundreds of freelance resume writers are a popular choice for many job seekers with a decent budget and a longer timeline with their applications.


The benefit of this type is the company is optionality. Some may even have in-house writers dedicated to your specific industry or role and can provide insights into previously successful resumes. 


Some resume writing services are large enough that they don’t dedicate one person or team to your account. Instead, you’ll have multiple people working on your resume, and the communication between them might not be stellar. They also might keyword stuff rather than weaving them in naturally.

One job seeker from Reddit shared their experience using a professional resume writing service: 

“I went with a resume writing service, and they clearly outsourced it to a country where English is not the most commonly spoken language. It was terrible and rife with errors. Luckily, I got my money back.”

Specialized resume writing services

These are services dedicated either to your industry or career level, such as executive resume writing services, which often offer career training as well. 

These services often have a directory of writers they vet and certify to write resumes for their specific industries, so you know you’re getting a professional. Typically, you’ll have a dedicated writer or team rather than subcontracted writers, editors, and reviewers.

Cons of specialized resume writing services

While they’re more tailored and often include specific skills to help you land more interviews, they tend to be more costly. You might also have deal with delays in your ability to apply, as you go through a series of interviews with the service to ensure they’re truly capturing your work experience.

Resume writers

You can, of course, hire a professional resume writer that is unaffiliated with any company. These writers often work for themselves as a freelancer or small business, and have niched down into one particular area of resume writing.

Cons of working with a professional resume writer

While they might have specialized industry knowledge, they're likely not familiar with the nuances of modern hiring tech or recruiting. They could just be a good writer that passed a training program to become certified in resume writing.

Teal’s Director of Talent, Mike Peditto, echoes this with his statement:

"Some resume writers rely on a bit more of an outdated style that puts a large focus on visual appeal above the user experience of the reader. They often rely heavily on graphics, charts, tables or other design tactics that not only may get lost in an ATS, but also tend to focus on the items a recruiter doesn't need to see right away. This can be be more distracting than valuable to somebody quickly doing a pass through of the resume looking for key information."

Building a resume with a resume builder

A resume builder is a tool that allows you to create and customize your resume again to match the position you’re applying for. 

This can be advantageous, since you understand your work history and industry better than anyone else. You also know which skills you want to highlight more depending on the role and how well you match it. 

Another benefit is cost per resume. You can create as many resumes as you’d like, allowing you to tailor the resume to every single application. Whereas most services will provide you with one polished resume that isn’t tailored to a specific role, unless you’ve requested such. 

Cons of using a resume builder

If your writing skills aren’t strong, you might not fully highlight your skills and experience without the help of AI features, not available in every resume builder. And while AI will assist in the writing, you will still want to personalize it. Teal gives you the best of both worlds with AI writing and ability to pull keywords from the job description, allowing you to better tailor each resume at scale.

match resume to job keywords
Teal's Resume Builder instantly surfaces top keywords to include in your resume

You also might need to rely on templates to ensure you’re using the correct formatting to meet standards for an ATS.

7 top resume writing services

Calling anything “the best” is subjective to the criteria. Our criteria for determining the best writing services includes:

  • Speedy delivery
  • Good pricing
  • Writing skills commensurate with your level of education, expertise, and career

No recruiter or hiring manager is going to spend ages pouring over the details of your resume. But they will still notice typos, glaring grammatical errors, and formatting inconsistencies. 

Worse, your resume won’t get a second glance at all if your experience and skills don’t jump off the page and scream, “I’m the one for the job”. 

So, you need a professional resume service that understands your work history and how to highlight your experience, for the right price, so you can apply before the window of opportunity closes. 

Below are nine of the best resume services available right now:

  • Best executive resume writing service
  • Best resume writing services online
  • Best-rated resume writing services
  • Best affordable resume writing services
  • Best AI-powered resume builder
  • Best specialty resume writing services
  • Best resume writing service with additional professional packages
  • Best resume service with quick turnaround time

Best executive resume writing service: Executive Resume Writers

TopResume is one of the most well-known resume writing services for executives. However, the negative experiences around their services have been widely recounted in online reviews and forums. 

If you want a true executive service, consider Executive Resume Writers.

Executive Resume Writers homepage
Executive Resume Writers Homepage

Their clients have found work at Capital One, Dell, Google, Humana, Salesforce, Morgan Stanley, and dozens of other recognizable corporations.

They’re professional resume writers have written for a wide range of executive titles, from VP & Managing Director to President and CEO. 

Executive Resume Writers review
Positive review of Executive Resume Writers

Industry specializations

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Information Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Other Industry
  • Professional and Technical Services
  • Public Administration
  • Real Estate
  • Retail Trade

Other services offered

Beyond their expertise in writing resumes for the executive level, they also offer: 

  • LinkedIn optimization
  • Interview preparation
  • Career coaching

Cost: While Executive Resume Writers doesn't explicitly list their pricing, they do offer a range of $2,000 to $5,000.

Best-rated resume writing service: TopStack

Searching for professional resume writing services with the best ratings compared to the number of ratings and reviews, you find that TopStack lives up to its name by coming up top. They have a 4.8 star rating with 1,968 reviews on Trustpilot—more than any other resume writing service (excluding AI resume builders).

Topstack 5-star review on Trustpilot
This user liked the professionally-written resume they received from Topstack

They have an incredibly simple process from filling out your initial intake form to assigning you to one of their experienced, US-based writers within 1-2 days. If you need to expedited the order, they’re able to accommodate if you alert them to this. 

Once assigned, they give their writers 48 hours to turn in a first draft. You may get up to two revisions of your resume after you’ve paid for your first draft. 

Industry specializations

TopStack does not name list their staff publicly. Instead, they state they have experts in every single industry:

“Our team of 100+ professional writers have worked with clients in all industries and at all experience levels.

In the (very) rare event that we don't have someone with experience writing in your field, we'll reach out to you after placing an order.” 

Other services

  • LinkedIn profile development
  • Cover letters
  • Personal recruiting
  • Career consulting


TopStack offers four different payment options. Their most basic package is $139, and their most expensive is $1149, paid on a monthly basis as it includes a personal recruiter that’ll go beyond the call to find you a job.

TopStack pricing
Topstack pricing, according to their website

Best affordable resume writing service: ZipJob

ZipJob is one of the most affordable resume writing services that still offer professional writers and a decent turnaround of three to seven days. They back up their services with a guarantee that you land an interview within 60 days.

What sets them apart, aside from the low price, is that they grant you unfettered access to your professional resume writer.

ZipJob 5-star review on Trustpilot
This ZipJob user approved of the final professionally-written resume received

ZipJob employs a roster of over 100 professional resume writers that have worked in Fortune 500 recruiting, career coaching, HR, and job placement, aside from resume writing. 

Industry specializations

ZipJob has specialists in over 65 industries, including:

  • Business
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Healthcare
  • Sales
  • Marketing

Other services

  • Free resume review
  • Cover letters
  • LinkedIn profile optimization

Cost: $139 to $299

Best resume writing service by offering: Let’s Eat, Grandma

While the name might bring on a laugh, Let’s Eat, Grandma is all serious when it comes to resume writing packages. 

Their most affordable service is fairly basic, offering a 30 minute one-on-one consultation, well-crafted resume, and two revisions. Their most extensive package of the four includes nine services, such as executive career coaching and unlimited revisions.

Let's Eat, Grandma 5-star review on Trustpilot
This Let's Eat, Grandma user praised the customer support

If you’re working on a shorter timeline for applying to positions, they might not be your best choice, as you’ll receive your first draft in about a week and the two revisions after an additional week.

But if you’re looking for a resume writing service that offers more than the average service, with true professionals at a decent price (and aren’t on a time restraint), Let’s Eat, Grandma is a great option. 

Industry specializations

While they do not list their industries, it’s safe to assume they work with a wide range of clients.

Other services

  • Executive resume
  • Value proposition letter
  • Digital guide to cold emails & thank-you notes
  • Executive LinkedIn profile rewrite
  • Access to a dedicated customer success representative
  • 10 days of unlimited revisions
  • 4x the talk time with your writer
  • 60-minute executive career coaching session
  • Guaranteed senior writer for executives
  • Job search strategy meeting
  • Career roadblock office hours
  • Strategic applicant guide
  • LinkedIn profile rewrite
  • Resume critique

Cost: $439 to $1,899

Let's Eat, Grandma pricing
Let's Eat, Grandma pricing, according to their website

Best resume service by speed: The Job Sauce

The Job Sauce doesn’t use their quick turnaround as a selling point but, nonetheless, they get you in front of an assigned writer within one business day. The work is fast yet skilled, and even their most basic package comes packed with bonus features.

Members get an industry-specific writer, a LinkedIn best practices guide, and lifetime webinar access. If you upgrade to the more premium package, you get services like training in salary negotiation and clarity coaching.

The Job Sauce 5-star review on Trustpilot
This user loved The Job Sauce for career pivoting

Industry specialization

They don’t list the industries they serve, but they do mention that they provide an industry-specific writer. 

Other services

  • Upgraded results-driven resume
  • Applicant tracking systems optimized
  • LinkedIn best practice guide
  • Industry-specific professional writer
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Lifetime webinar access
  • Premium assessments
  • Two 60-minute calls
  • Clarity on next steps
  • 1X bonus
  • Interview coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Job offer coaching
  • Recruiting

Cost: $369 to 799

Best specialty resume writing services

When it comes to specialty resume writing services, it only makes sense to highlight a few different services, considering the wide range of specializations.

Find My Profession is a great federal resume writing service that happens to specialize in C-Suite resume writing services.

Find My Profession 5-star review on Trustpilot
The Find My Profession resume exceeded expectations for this user

ResuMeds is a top choice resume writing service for medical professionals. They’re fairly priced with a rate of $100 to 225 and have a turnaround time of three days.

iCareer Solutions offers professional resume writing services for IT, fintech, and software professionals. They won first place for Information Technology Resume Writing in the 2019 TORI Awards (Toast Of the Résumé Industry) from Career Directors International (CDI).

Industry specializations

  • Medical professionals
  • C-suite executives
  • Federal employees
  • IT professionals
  • Software engineering
  • Data analytics
  • Programming
  • System analytics
  • Fintech

Other services

  • Cover letter writing
  • LinkedIn makeover
  • Professional bio
  • Networking resume
  • Resume distribution
  • US recruiters listing

Cost: $100 to 1500

Want the advantages of a specialized resume writing service without the service cost and wait time? Teal’s match scoring makes it easy to compare your resume to a job description

Best AI-powered resume builder

While hiring a professional resume writing service is a great option for those with a higher budget, more technical needs, and less-confident writing skills, they aren’t the only option for creating a high-powered resume. 

An AI-powered resume builder like Teal is a great option if you're applying to multiple jobs and need to tailor every resume to the job descriptions. 

The AI identifies the keywords as well as soft and hard skills within a job description, highlighting them for you and scoring your resume based on how well it matches.

Teal keyword matching
Teal's Match Score grades your resume based on how well it aligns with the job description

Teal’s AI Professional Summary considers both the job you’re applying for and your work experience to tailor a professional resume that highlights the ten percent of you that's 100 percent relevant to each job.

A lot of resume writers and job seekers make the mistake of simply listing their responsibilities and tasks on their resume, versus the outcomes they’ve produced. The AI achievements feature in Teal is the answer to that. This feature pulls out specific accomplishments, such as cutting spend for your company or reducing expenses by 20 percent. 

Industry specialties

Teal is an online resume building tool usable by any job seeker in any industry, for any level of experience. 

Other services

  • Job Application Tracker
  • Resume Checker
  • Cover letter Generator
  • LinkedIn Profile Review
  • Autofill Job Applications
  • Resume Bullet Point Generator
  • Professional Bio Generator
  • Career Personality Test
  • Career Goal Tracker
  • Networking CRM
  • Job Search Chrome Extension
  • Job Application Email Templates
  • Resume Templates
  • Resume and Cover Letter Examples

Cost: Free to $9 per week

Is it worth paying for resume writing service?

From looking at loads of reviews and services, it’s easy to tell that the answer doesn’t just depend on your situation, but on the service you choose.

The larger resume services that promise the lowest prices and the fastest turnarounds tend to make customers feel scammed. Customers have largely noted that their work was outsourced and the writers didn’t incorporate feedback or understand their work history. 

In this case, using an AI resume builder like Teal helps you not only tailor one resume, but hundreds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What companies provide the best-rated resume writing service?

TopStack is highly rated with a 4.8-star rating on Trustpilot. Executive Resume Writers are known for their success with high-level positions at companies like Google and Morgan Stanley. ZipJob offers affordable and professional resume writing with a 60-day interview guarantee.

What are the pros and cons of paying for resume writing?

Pros include professional writers crafting tailored, ATS-friendly resumes. Cons include the risk of poor quality from outsourced services and higher costs. Additionally, there's no job guarantee.

What is the best resume writer service?

Executive Resume Writers are ideal for high-level positions. TopStack is great for general professional resumes with positive customer feedback. ZipJob is best for budget-friendly, professional resume writing.

Is it worth paying for resume writing service?

Paying for a resume service can increase your chances of passing ATS and impressing recruiters. The value depends on the quality of the service chosen. High-rated services are more likely to deliver worthwhile results.

How much does a resume writing service cost?

Basic services start around $139, like those from ZipJob. Mid-range services, such as TopStack, range from $139 to $1,149. High-end executive services can cost between $2,000 and $5,000. In comparison, AI resume builders like Teal start at $9/week.

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