5 Job Boards for Mothers

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May 7, 2022
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The Impact of COVID-19 on Moms in the Workforce

Women’s participation in the workforce has plummeted since the onset of the pandemic in March 2020—so much so that some refer to it as the “she-cession”.

McKinsey’s Women in the Workplace Report, published in September 2021, sheds a light on the many impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on women in the workforce: “Women have made important gains in representation, and especially in senior leadership. But the pandemic continues to take a toll. Women are now significantly more burned out—and increasingly more so than men.”

And perhaps at the top of the burnout pyramid are those who are trying to juggle both work and parenthood. Though the challenges that the pandemic has highlighted for working parents (and moms in particular) aren’t necessarily new, it’s brought to the forefront important conversations about the need for systemic reform and improvement.

How Can Teal Help? 

At Teal, we want to do our part to empower women—and even more specifically, mothers—to re-join the workforce should they want to, especially if their departure was forced due to circumstances surrounding the pandemic. Today, we’re adding several new integrations to Teal’s free Google Chrome extension, making it easier to save and apply for roles from specific sites that are geared toward empowering moms.

The following job boards are geared toward moms in particular, those who’ve taken a career break for whatever reason, or those who are looking for more flexible, remote conditions conducive to working from home. You’ll see a few overlaps from our list of 10 job boards that focus on empowering women.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t shout out two of the better known resources for mothers who are job searching: The Mom Project, designed to connect talented professionals with employers who understand that no one should have to choose between family and career, and FlexJobs, a site dedicated completely to remote and flexible jobs. While jobs from these sites can’t be integrated into our extension, they offer great resources for parents who are looking for flexible opportunities, and you can always add roles manually to your Teal Job Application Tracker.

5 Great Job Boards for Mothers:

  • ReacHIRE: If you’re looking to transition in your career or return to work after a career break, ReacHIRE works with corporate partners who are actively seeking exceptional professionals who are interested in back-to-work programs and permanent positions.
  • iRelaunch: Like ReachHIRE, iRelaunch was created to champion professionals who are looking to return to the workforce after a temporary hiatus. They’re on a mission to eliminate the bias toward those who take an extended career break for whatever reason and at any season of their life, and provide opportunities for “relaunchers,” who are often highly educated, uniquely experienced, and extremely motivated.
  • Moms at Work: For our Canadian job seekers, this job board is dedicated to supporting Canada's economic “she-covery” by curating open roles at great workplaces for women and parents. Salary ranges are always included in their roles and new jobs are added every Monday.
  • Lady Bird Talent (and Hire Women Week): Subscribe to this job board for postings with equitable startups, where women's careers can thrive in product, engineering, design, revenue, operations, and people roles.
  • Power to Fly has a full list of remote/flexible jobs on their site. A women-founded and led company, Power to Fly is dedicated to fast-track economic equality by upskilling and connecting underrepresented talent to roles in highly visible sectors.

While searching for jobs, consider how you're presenting your stay-at-home mom experience on your resume. You likely developed organizational skills and other skills that employers want to hear about.

If you’re not seeing a role that piques your interest on any of these sites, it may be worth checking out the opportunities listed on these 40+ job boards, all of which already integrate with our Chrome extension.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features should mothers look for in a job board to ensure it caters to their needs?

Mothers should look for job boards that offer flexible work options, such as part-time, remote, or freelance positions. Additionally, boards that provide resources for career development, networking opportunities, and support for work-life balance are beneficial. It's also helpful if the job board includes filters for family-friendly companies or roles that are particularly suitable for working parents.

How can mothers leverage job boards to find positions that accommodate their parenting responsibilities?

Mothers can leverage job boards by using search filters to find jobs that offer flexible hours, remote work, or generous parental leave policies. They should also look for job descriptions that mention family-friendly benefits or a company culture that supports work-life balance. Engaging with community forums or support groups within the job board can also provide insights and tips for balancing career and parenting duties.

Are there any specific strategies for mothers returning to the workforce to use job boards effectively?

Mothers returning to the workforce should update their profiles with any relevant skills or experiences gained during their time away, including volunteer work or freelance projects. They should use job boards to research companies that have policies supportive of working parents and consider roles that offer a gradual return to full-time work. Networking through the job board's community features can also uncover opportunities and provide support during the job search process.

Dave Fano

Founder and CEO of Teal, Dave is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience building products & services to help people leverage technology and achieve more with less.

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