Requirements for Software Engineer, Early Career (2023)

  • Solid technical knowledge of CS fundamentals and data structures
  • Fluency with one or more general purpose programming languages, including but not limited to: Javascript, Ruby, Python, C++, Objective-C, or Java
  • Ability to communicate technical problems and solutions
  • A growth mindset with an eagerness to learn and contribute not only to your engineering team, but the entire organization
  • An inclusive and collaborative attitude towards building features and solving problem

Responsibilities for Software Engineer, Early Career (2023)

In 30 days, you will…

  • Be paired with an onboarding buddy on your team who will help you ramp in our codebase and get to know Figma. You’ll move from starter tasks meant to familiarize you with our workflows, to joining your teammates on larger projects.
  • Understand how we operate as a business through our comprehensive onboarding program, Figma Today.
  • Get to know your Figmates across the company!

In 60 days, you will…

  • Work closely with teammates and partners in Product, Design, Marketing, User Research, and Data Science to build new features and achieve roadmap goals. We prioritize collaboration and cross-functional partnerships, so you won’t operate in silos.
  • Craft performance objectives with your manager that align to company priorities and career development opportunities
  • Help grow Figma by interviewing candidates for teams across the Engineering organization



About this position

More than anything, we seek engineers with strong coding fundamentals and a track record of high quality engineering. We work in a highly collaborative environment, where most projects are owned by small groups of 2-3 people. We strive to foster a positive, inclusive culture - you can read more about our engineering values on our blog. *You'll notice an application question below on which engineering department you would be most excited to explore. At this time, our teams available are Infrastructure, Security, and Mobile.*

This job is no longer online. We keep it on here for reference only.

Job Summary

Entry level
Years of Experience
New York, NY or San Francisco, CA
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About Figma

Figma is a design platform for teams who build products together. Born on the Web, Figma helps teams create, share, test, and ship better designs from start to finish. Whether it’s consolidating tools, simplifying workflows, or collaborating across teams and time zones, Figma makes the design process faster, more efficient, and fun while keeping everyone on the same page.

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