Requirements for Elite Enterprise Technical Support Specialist

  • A love for Airtable and past experience with the product (personal or professional!)
  • Hands-on technical experience with Airtable Automations, Linked Records, Interfaces, and Views
  • Proficient in at least one high-level programming language such as Javascript, Python, or Java
  • Previous experience troubleshooting Single sign-on (SSO) authentication methods like Okta, Google, ADFS, Azure, or OneLogin
  • Technical expertise in areas like writing formulas, relational databases, and REST APIs
  • Passion and at least 3 years of work experience in delivering high-quality, personal, customer support or professional services
  • An ability to consistently deliver, provide feedback on, and hold yourself accountable to support targets… and a proven ability to do so across multiple accounts simultaneously
  • Strong written & verbal communication and presentation skills; extraordinary listening skills
  • The ability to establish credibility with key decision-makers and business influencers
  • Demonstrated resilience, creativity, and analytical thinking in problem-solving
  • A teaching and learning mindset. You dig in to learn the “why” behind the “what.” You thrive in technically complex or nuanced situations and love empowering others through them!
  • Experience working with enterprise technology (e.g. Salesforce, Confluence, Gsuite, Jira, Zendesk)

Responsibilities for Elite Enterprise Technical Support Specialist

  • Support a portfolio of assigned accounts and customers in troubleshooting technical issues related to Airtable and various enterprise systems
  • Educate customers on Airtable products and programs to enable best business practices
  • Identify customer needs and quickly develop solutions
  • Partner closely with cross-functional teams to escalate and resolve customer needs
  • Support Customer Success and Engineering partners as they work to drive the account's growth
  • Document and continuously improve best practices, resources, and SOPs



About this position

The Enterprise Customer Support Team works closely with many innovative and impressive customer accounts to unlock their business objectives and ultimately realize the value of using Airtable. 
As a Senior Enterprise Technical Support Specialist (Sr. ETSS) on our Dedicated Support team, you will serve as a trusted first point of contact for technical product questions and troubleshooting for select customers. You will spend the majority of your time in customer-facing scenarios providing real-time (e.g., email, screen-shares, Slack, and possibly phone!) and best-in-class support to ensure customer satisfaction. You will develop direct relationships with our business partners and Customer Success Managers.
An ideal candidate has strong analytical and problem-solving skills and technical aptitude, and strives to articulate complex workflows simply and clearly. They will enjoy working independently and in partnership, are comfortable navigating ambiguity and managing expectations, and can quickly master new technologies and technical concepts. 
Candidates must be able to work Monday to Friday in the US on an EST schedule and should be open to occasional changes in their hours. For instance, to provide backup to a peer or to support a customer through a major product launch or workflow change occurring off-hours. Remote work while traveling out of the US in this role may be limited due to customer contracts.

Job Summary

Customer Support
Years of Experience
$88,828 - $109,618
United States
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About Airtable

At Airtable, we firmly believe that the person who knows how to best do your work is you! This is true whether you’re orchestrating the editorial calendar at a major media corporation or running a one-person cricket farm—and it’s why we think that you’re the best person to create the software that you need to do your work.

The ability to make software opens up tremendous creative possibilities, and we want to empower people to bring these possibilities to life—no matter how ambitious. The good news is that creating software doesn’t have to mean writing code.

With Airtable, you can create your own software using familiar, approachable building blocks—spreadsheet-like grids, calendars, kanban boards, charts, and more—and combine them in ways that make sense for you and your team.

People from all walks of life and every corner of the globe use Airtable to get their work done. Over 300,000 organizations run on Airtable—from massive Fortune 500 companies to small nonprofits. They’ve created their own custom software for everything from managing viral video production, to planning UX research projects, to handling lost and found items at music festivals, to saving endangered languages. What will you create?

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