CB Insights

CB Insights builds software that predicts what the next technology trend will be.


CB Insights, previously known as ChubbyBrain, is your personalized gateway to smarter, faster, friendlier intelligence on high growth private companies. CB insights is the ideal tool for those engaged in private equity, venture capital, corporate development, investment banking, corporate innovation & strategy, angel investment and consulting. Whether it is deal sourcing, due diligence, or market and competitive intelligence, CBI has been created to assist you in discovering the right private company information in the most efficient, comprehensive way.


CB Insights is dedicated to providing businesses with actionable intelligence by leveraging the power of data, analytics, and machine learning. Their core mission is to help organizations make informed decisions, drive growth, and navigate the ever-evolving technology landscape. By offering a comprehensive platform that tracks emerging industries, startups, and investment trends, CB Insights empowers companies to stay ahead of the curve and uncover new opportunities in the competitive world of technology and innovation.

Employee Benefits

  • Award-winning culture: recognized by Inc., Glassdoor, and Builtin for leadership, opportunity, and engagement
  • Industry Insight: over 700k+ people follow our tech newsletter
  • Better Benefits: Healthcare with HSA and FSA options, dental, and vision insurance along with great time off and unlimited sick day policy, plus lots of other perks
  • Plan for the future: 401k with up to 4% match
  • Continued Learning: $1,000 yearly continuing education stipend

Core Values

  • Curiosity: CB Insights fosters a culture of curiosity, encouraging employees to ask questions, seek knowledge, and explore new ideas to drive innovation.
  • Integrity: CB Insights values integrity and honesty in all aspects of its business, promoting transparency, accountability, and ethical behavior.
  • Collaboration: CB Insights believes in the power of collaboration, fostering a team-oriented environment that values diverse perspectives and promotes shared problem-solving.
  • Continuous Improvement: CB Insights is committed to continuous improvement, encouraging employees to strive for excellence and embrace change to drive growth and innovation.

CB Insights


Co-Founder and CEO at CB Insights

Anand Sanwal

Co-Founder and CEO
Strategic Growth at CB Insights

Ryan Snowden

Strategic Growth
Co-Founder & Board Member at CB Insights

Jonathan Sherry

Co-Founder & Board Member

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