Visual Designer

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Job Description

We’re setting out to level the playing field for job seekers, building a truly consumer-first platform that equips people with the tools, technology, and resources they need to feel empowered to achieve career growth on their own terms. Our long-term goal: to help people make confident career decisions from the day they start working to the day they retire—and that starts with the job search.

We're looking for a talented and enthusiastic Visual Designer to join our fully remote team, based in the US. As our Visual Designer, you'll be working directly with our CEO and Growth Team to designs further the brand, delight our members, and increase conversion. Your ideas and expertise will make a real difference in helping individuals thrive in their professional lives. Come aboard, and let's make a positive impact together!

Alternative Titles

  • Digital Graphic Designer, Graphic and Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Graphic Designer, Marketing Graphic Designer Lead, UX/UI Web Designer, Web Designer, WebFlow Designer, Growth Designer


  • Create creative assets such as graphics, illustrations, technical explanations, templates, layouts, and visual standards for marketing activities across multiple channels, including the website , social media, team merch, email campaigns, blogs, and more.
  • Refine brand assets, including style guides and brand guidelines, to ensure consistent and cohesive visual representation across all marketing materials.
  • Lead projects through an end-to-end design process: discovery, design strategy, research, ideation, interaction and visual design, prototyping, testing, launch, evaluation and iteration.
  • Conduct member research to uncover problems, needs, and mental models so we can better communicate in our brand and web materials.
  • Design and execute comprehensive user acquisition strategies to attract new users and drive growth. Collaborate with cross-functional teams (primarily marketing & product) to identify and leverage key acquisition channels, including paid advertising, partnerships, and SEO.
  • Work with the growth team to design new ways to tell great stories throughout the user lifecycle, and across our site, product, help guides and other channels.
  • Utilize data analytics tools to monitor key metrics and conduct A/B tests and experiments to optimize the website landing pages and messaging.
  • Walk in the shoes of our members and constantly channel their voice and how to best serve them.


  • Working as a UX, UI, Brand or Product Designer for 2+ years in a relevant industry
  • Able to work on a diverse range of projects, websites, graphics, illustrations, and branding
  • Experience in designing responsive and mobile-first websites and user interfaces
  • Working proficiently with UX Design tools such as Figma (or similar)
  • Demonstrated passion for design, creativity, and continuous learning in the field


  • Experience with Amplitude, Hotjar, FullStory or other product analytics platforms
  • Storyboarding & user story definition
  • Proficiency with Webflow

Skills & Tools You Will Use And Learn

Need to Know:

  • Figma (Basics, Auto Layout & Prototyping), Graphic Design, Layouts, Branding, Adobe Photoshop

Nice to Know:

  • Webflow, Fullstory, Amplitude, Google Analytics, Design System,, Adobe After Effects

What Great Looks Like

At 1 week:

  • You will have become familiar with Teals tools and member profiles
  • You will have designed a small element of the Teal website and handed it off to a Webflow developer
  • You will have reviewed and compiled visual and brand assets

At 1 month:

  • You will have audited our current website landings and content pages
  • You will have cleaned up and refined our brand design language and styles
  • You will have talked to members and learned how we can speak to them better
  • You will have run 1 A/B test on a landing page in an effort to better conversion

At 3 months:

  • You will have led the successful design and launched a landing page that increased sign-up conversion by 5-10%
  • You have helped unify the broader UX for the Teal website and are working to implement your designs
  • You have designed and launched and updated mobile first design for the Teal website

What We Offer

  • Salary: $110,000 - $130,000
  • Incentive Stock Options proportionate to salary
  • Fully remote work & remote office stipend (coworking, laptop, etc.)
  • No company wide meetings on Tuesdays, Thursdays, orFridays
  • Career development stipend
  • Unlimited vacation and sick days
  • Up to 12 weeks paid parental leave, earned 1 week for each month of tenure
  • 80–100% coverage of health insurance (depending on chosen plan) & 401(k) benefits with up to 4% company matching
  • As mentioned we are fully remote, however once per year we pay for the entire company to fly to the same city for a week of fun projects and general team building, think hackathons, boat rides and great food.
  • Guaranteed 1-month severance if things don’t work out. You are trusting us with your career, and we want you to know we take it seriously.

About Teal & Our Hiring Practices

Who We Are

A small team of innovative, collaborative, and dedicated individuals passionate about helping people build meaningful careers.  Our backgrounds range from Architecture to Digital Design and from Human Resources to Software Engineering.  We are travelers, pet lovers, musicians, parents, scuba divers, podcasters, readers, gamers, croquet players, and puzzle masters.  We focus on aligning intentions, resulting in fewer miscommunications, fewer meetings, and better outcomes.  We adhere to a “what-by-when” mentality, which means the hours you keep are up to you, and we value your ability to set expectations and do your best to meet them.

Our Hiring Process


  • We read every application and make our best effort to reply to everyone.
  • Please read the job description. We love when people strive but if you do not meet more than 50% of the requirements, we are less likely to respond.

Exploratory Interview

  • Goal: High level qualifications & mutual fit
  • 30-minute Zoom with the hiring manager
  • We make sure to preserve 10 minutes for your questions.
  • We will provide the question and guidance in advance.

Skills Interview

  • Goals: Deeper understanding of qualifications
  • 2-hour Zoom with hiring manager & another product team member
  • This is a realistic interview. No abstract puzzles. There is a question and answer session, some wiring framing, and a design session.

Work Culture Interview

  • Goal: Meet more of the Team
  • 60-minute Zoom with 2 Teal people
  • We will provide the question and guidance in advance.

Reference Interviews

  • We will ask for 2 references from your most recent managers that you are comfortable using as references.

Commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity: (Come as you are. Feel welcome. Feel safe.) We are committed to safeguarding our workplace from all forms of discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, disability, military status, or family status. This commitment extends to all aspects of the employment relationship, including recruiting, interviewing, selection, hiring, transfers, promotions, training, terminations, working conditions, compensation, and benefits.