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Take our 3-5 minute slider-style assessment and find out your four number Work Style sequence.


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Find out what takes the most effort for you and then learn how to adapt your processes to fit.


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Identify how your understanding of yourself differs from others around you by sending them your 360 link.

Why Work Styles?

Get to know
yourself better.

Learn how you operate at work and the impact of your work style on your triggers, relationships, perceptions and energy.

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Understand how
others perceive you.

Send your previous managers, colleagues, friends, and family your work styles page to have them give you 360 feedback. You’ll gain powerful insight into how others perceive you.

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Curiosity leads
to confidence.

The more you understand your work style, the more confident you’ll be navigating the workplace. Negotiating, pitching ideas, influencing others all begins with self awareness.

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A Modern Approach

Personalities change over time and based on situations. Our approach helps you understand your dynamic work style.

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Hundreds of hours of research.

We brought together leading psychological studies and experts to guide us in creating the most accurate and reliable framework.

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Career health affects all health.  

Career health is just as important as mental and physical health. We want you to make the most out of yours!

"The @teal_hq Work Style Assessment is so accurate it’s almost spooky.
It’s like a Buzzfeed quiz with results I can do something with."

Not convinced?

We understand, especially since there are so many other career
personality tests out there. Here’s how our free personality test compares:

Teal Work Styles


Myers Briggs
Holistic Approach
Specific to Careers
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