Why You Should Have A Career In Sales In 2022

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November 19, 2021
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Sales is an exciting career that teaches you the art of negotiation, and you also learn how to influence people. Look around you; everyone is a salesperson in some sense. When you wake up and start your day, you are trying to sell something; it can be your skills, products, or services. 

The sales career can offer you flexibility, work-life balance, remote working opportunities, high earning potential, and a lot more. Manage your job search for a sales position with Teal's free Job Application Tracker.

Why Have A Career In Sales? 

Why have a career in sales in the new year? Let's find out. 

#1. Flexible Schedule 

Sales offer you flexibility as you have the permission to work around the hours you prefer in some companies. You can look for jobs that provide flexibility. 

So if you are tired of the boring 9 to 5 schedule, a career in a sales role can offer you flexible hours. 

#2. Work-Life Balance 

Maintaining a work-life balance will be a lot easier as you may have the opportunity to work from home when you select sales as your career. In addition, nowadays, people are using social media. As a result, you can see the number of influencers increasing rapidly.

It's easy to tap into this career, plus learning about sales can help you in all walks of life, whether it's work or life! As a sales professional, you deserve a balance in life and your career. 

#3. High Earning Potential 

According to the U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2020 median pay of wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives is $65,420 per year.  

You can expect to earn bonuses in this career. You can sell from business to business or business to customer. You have opportunities, and the variety of options make your job lucrative and exciting at the same time. It's a win-win. You can decide how much earning is enough for you! Some sales jobs are commission-based. The median pay of a sales manager is $132,290 per year. So, you can expect a high earning potential. 

#4. New Opportunities 

You have various job opportunities with a career in sales. Every business needs a salesperson to sell their products or services, and that's where you come into play. 

So, among the various career paths, you can choose sales. It can let you learn new things at multiple levels that can open new opportunities. 

#5. Learn Negotiation Skills 

If you don't have a university degree, no problem! Even if you are a high school graduate, sales can be your perfect career. You can learn the art of selling! When choosing a career, you can opt for sales. Even an entry-level position can teach you so much. 

All you need are excellent negotiation skills to be a salesperson. You can quickly learn and practice negotiation skills during your career. 

#6. Increase Your Network 

Sales make you good at communication. When you know how to address people, they listen to you more. Sales teach you how to develop your network. 

You can find amazing people, and it can also give you a chance to build genuine relationships. 

#7. Travel for Work 

If you like traveling, then it's another reason to consider a career in sales. For example, some jobs require the salesperson to travel to different places to meet the potential client. 

You can look for jobs that require travel if you are fond of seeing new places. For example, the job may require you to see clients within a city or fly to a different city. 

#8. Job Security

If you have a successful sales record, you will be in demand. Who will not want to hire a person who can sell the products and services quite well? 

You will be the backbone of the company as more sales mean more profitability. In addition, you can expect job security when you are the best salesperson! 

#9. Exciting Work Life 

No matter how great a product or service is, it always needs a little push. As a salesperson, you can play an active role in selling that product or service. Credibility counts, so if you are a reliable person, people can buy from you. As a result, you can be successful in sales with exciting work life. 

Your recommendations are of value, and people want to know what you have to say! All this can make your work exciting and challenging. 

What Does A Salesperson Do? 

As a salesperson, your job is to sell a product or service. You have convincing abilities, and you also know the art of negotiation. You can persuade people and help them solve a problem with your product or service. 

The sky is the limit when you are naturally good at sales, but it's a skill you can acquire through sales training. In addition, the sales reps can learn a lot from the sales process and sales positions. 

A career in sales can help you at the professional level and a personal level. Succeeding in sales is easy when you are a good salesperson. 

As a successful salesperson, you have trustworthiness, work ethic, active listening, and a lot more. 

Final Words 

Selling is an art! It's not everyone's cup of tea, but some people are genius at selling. They know how to deal with people and talk to customers by addressing the pain points. Sales can prepare you for life, so it's a lucrative career. You can meet new people and face new challenging situations. In addition, it's an excellent opportunity to learn how people react and behave. With a career in sales, you are constantly learning new things. It's a great way to move forward in life.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What skills are essential for success in a sales career?

Success in sales often hinges on a combination of interpersonal skills, such as effective communication, active listening, and emotional intelligence, along with strategic thinking, resilience, and the ability to negotiate and close deals. Staying informed about product knowledge and industry trends is also crucial for building credibility with clients.

How does a career in sales provide high earning potential?

Sales careers often come with a base salary complemented by commissions or bonuses based on performance. This means that your earnings can significantly increase with your ability to generate revenue for the company through sales. The more you sell, the higher your potential earnings, providing a direct correlation between effort and reward.

Can a sales career offer opportunities for professional growth and development?

Absolutely. A career in sales offers numerous pathways for advancement, from moving up to higher sales positions, such as account manager or sales director, to transitioning into other areas like marketing, product development, or management. The skills honed in sales are transferable and highly valued across various industries, making it a versatile career choice.

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