Senior Product Manager

No Longer Taking Applications

Job Description

At Teal, we’re setting out to level the playing field for job seekers by building a truly consumer-first platform that equips people with the tools, technology, and resources they need to feel empowered to achieve career growth on their terms. Our goal is to help people make confident career decisions from the day they start working to the day they retire—and that’s where you come in as our Senior Product  Manager! The role focuses on leading our product’s activation, conversion and retention strategy.

Are you the kind of Product Manager who knows how what browsers are looking for to become buyers? Somebody who cares about understanding every step of a user journey? We're looking for someone who can guide users from curiosity to commitment with the customer experience knowledge to know how.

At Teal, we know we have a great product that makes a difference in our users lives and careers, and a team passionate about improving the lives of our users. We are specifically looking for a Product Manager that knows how to take an existing product from 1 to 10 and focus on refining and improving our user activation and conversion.

In this role you will use our expertise in product led growth strategies to get to know our product and  users in order to conduct research, interviews, A|B tests, and analysis of their journey in order to put together hypothesis-driven plans on how to make Teal even more effective for them.


  • Optimize Product Activation and User Onboarding: Refine onboarding processes to maximize user activation rates. Continually test and enhance the first-time user experience to ensure it is intuitive and drives higher engagement and conversion rates.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Utilize analytics to drive product decisions and improve feature adoption. Evaluate metrics for activation and conversion rates and use data to inform product development priorities.
  • User Retention and Engagement: Conduct interviews and collect user feedback in order to implement strategies to increase user retention and engagement by identifying opportunities for improvement within the product experience.
  • Market Analysis: Stay informed of AI, career, and job searching trends and use insights to adjust product strategies to maintain competitive advantage in user acquisition and conversion.


  • Experience in subscription product management with a strong focus on product growth, having launched consumer or B2B subscription products
  • Experience scaling user-focused products and proven ability to grow product user bases
  • Strong analytical skills, adept at data analysis and optimization, with a mastery of data engagement tools like Amplitude, FullStory, Data Studio, Google Analytics, Etc.
  • Experience with experimentation techniques, A/B testing, funnel optimization, and iterative hypothesis-driven product development with tools like LaunchDarkly, Optimizely, PostHog, Etc.
  • Deep understanding of user journey optimization and enhancing user experience in order to drive conversion
  • Instinct for creating simple and intuitive user experiences and expert knowledge of product design and development processes.
  • Strong ownership mentality, with a bias towards action in order to build delightful products that emphasize user experience.
  • Candidates must be based in the United States and possess valid work authorization. Regrettably, we are unable to provide sponsorship opportunities at this time. Applicants who do not fulfill these prerequisites will not be considered for further evaluation


  • Advanced degree in Business, Computer Science, Design, Psychology, or equivalent
  • Extensive experience in fast-growing, consumer-facing subscription apps that have strong growth
  • Experience scaling products with organic growth channels through SEO and social media.
  • Experience with PLG (Product Led Growth) motions for SaaS Products
  • Excitement about using AI and ML to deliver best in class product experiences

Skills & Tools You Will Use And Learn

Need to Know:

  • Amplitude, gSheets, Notion, Slack, Zoom, AirTable, A/B Testing, Experimentation, User Interviewing, User Testing

Nice to Know:

  • Figma, FigJam, Miro, Clarity, FullStory or Hotjar, Google Analytics,, Linear, SQL, User Research, QA, Loom, LaunchDarkly

What Great Looks Like

At 1 Day:

  • Become familiar with all of Teal's products and features
  • Get setup on all internal tooling and systems and become familiar with Teal’s Work Culture
  • Review existing product documentation and roadmaps to understand the current product strategy and status.

At 1 Week:

  • You will have gone through existing user journeys from Google search to Teal+ Upgrade
  • You will have made your first amplitude analysis
  • You will have identified problems or areas of investigation in existing journeys
  • You will have met with 3 to 5 Teal Members

At 1 Month:

  • Looped into in-progress product work (eg understand context on user problems and explorations, understand Dave and team’s taste)
  • Conduct user research (eg interview 8-10 users) to validate problem areas in new and existing user flows
  • Align with leadership on prioritized hypotheses to test over next 2-3 months (balance between job search, career development)
  • Kick off 1-2 product specs with design and engineer partner (validated user need)
  • Understand our core metrics and align with team on success metrics (e.g., what behaviors = activation?)

At 3 Months:

  • Launched 2-4 core product changes that unlock more value for existing users
  • Depending on bandwidth, in partnership with Lara: Launched 5-10 user growth experiments (eg top of funnel, onboarding, introduction of features)
  • Have command of our various growth channels
  • Have a strong command of CAC to LTV
  • Have POV on user growth and monetization vectors for Teal to double down on, based on experiment learnings
  • Align with leadership on growth, R&D, and monetization roadmap for next 3-6 months

What We Offer

  • Salary: $140,000 - $180,000
  • Incentive Stock Options proportionate to salary
  • Fully remote work & remote office stipend (coworking, laptop, etc.)
  • Career development stipend
  • Unlimited vacation and sick days
  • Up to 12 weeks paid parental leave, earned 1 week for each month of tenure
  • 80 - 100% coverage of health insurance (depending on chosen plan) & 401K Benefits with up to 4% company matching
  • As mentioned we are fully remote, however once per year we pay for the entire company to fly to the same city for a week of fun projects and general team building, think hackathons, boat rides and great food.
  • Guaranteed 1-month severance if Teal decides that things don’t work out. You are trusting us with your career, and we want you to know we take it seriously.

About Teal & Our Hiring Practices

Who We Are

A small team of innovative, collaborative, and dedicated individuals passionate about helping people build meaningful careers.  Our backgrounds range from Architecture to Digital Design and from Human Resources to Software Engineering.  We are travelers, pet lovers, musicians, parents, scuba divers, podcasters, readers, gamers, croquet players, and puzzle masters.  We focus on aligning intentions, resulting in fewer miscommunications, fewer meetings, and better outcomes.  We adhere to a “what-by-when” mentality, which means the hours you keep are up to you, and we value your ability to set expectations and do your best to meet them.

Our Hiring Process

The anticipated application window is 28 days from the date job is posted (07/23/24), unless the number of applicants requires it to close sooner or later, or if the position is filled.


  • We read every application and make our best effort to reply to everyone.
  • Please read the job description. We love when people strive but if you do not meet more than 50% of the requirements, we are less likely to respond. PLEASE look at the requirements.

Exploratory Interview

  • Goal: High-level qualifications & mutual fit
  • 30-minute Zoom with the Director of Talent
  • We make sure to preserve 10 minutes for your questions.
  • We will provide the questions and guidance in advance.

Skills Interview

  • Goals: Deeper understanding of qualifications
  • 1 hour Zoom with the hiring manager & another product team member
  • This is a realistic interview. No abstract puzzles. There is a question and answer session, some live working, and a problem solving session.

Teal Values Interview

  • Goal: Meet more of the Team
  • 60-minute Zoom with 2 Teal team members
  • We will provide the questions and guidance in advance.

Paid Work Trial

  • Goal: See you in action and let you work closely with your potential team, If you have reached this step, we are hoping that we have found out person.
  • You will be given a  project to work on over a week and full access to any Teal resource and employee you need
  • You will be paid a rate in line with the salary for the role, we are not looking for free work

Reference Interviews

  • We will ask for 2 references from your most recent managers that you are comfortable using as references.

Commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity: (Come as you are. Feel welcome. Feel safe.) We are committed to safeguarding our workplace from all forms of discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, disability, military status, or family status. This commitment extends to all aspects of the employment relationship, including recruiting, interviewing, selection, hiring, transfers, promotions, training, terminations, working conditions, compensation, and benefits.