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February 22, 2021
We're Launching 2 new Career Challenges this Month

Today we’re launching two new themed Career Challenges that will kickoff on March 1 and last 4 weeks. After the success of our first two challenges, we knew we had to offer even more. People are using them to accelerate their careers like never before, and we want to bring them to even more people. 

Here’s what Teal Member Elyse had to say about our last challenge:

"I love how it is just 10 mins each day. Small baby steps so it doesn't seem too overwhelming, but continues to help you think. I honestly open up your email on my way to 'work' so I can start thinking about the topic on my commute."
Get started by choosing your challenge...

🗺🦄 Free Challenge: Navigating Startup Careers
Working in a startup can accelerate your career like nothing else, but it isn’t easy! So, we’re launching a free 20-day Career Challenge called Navigating Startup Careers! In just 10-minutes a day, we’ll equip you with what you need to get a job in a startup or make it to the next level. 

🚀🔎 Premium Challenge: Kickstart Your Job Search
Actively searching for your next role or about to start? This 20-day challenge will maximize your impact, keep you motivated, and help you land the right role sooner. Leverage the power of community to run a smarter job search.

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