What members are
saying about Teal.

What members are saying about Teal.

On landing interviews and offers.

Through our Career Assist program, we cover everything from updating your resume to how to negotiate your salary.

"Three weeks into my program with Teal, I was able to get two great offers, and I'm really excited to be starting my new role in the coming weeks. I also want to give a special thank you to Erik Martin for all his thoughts and feedback. If you've been laid off because of COVID-19 or you're looking for a more fulfilling career, I encourage you to check them out!"

Andrew Kostin

On transitioning into a new career path.

Switching careers can be a challenge. We can help you get started and meet professionals from other industries for advice.

"An incredible company run by incredible people I'm honored to have worked with. I'd highly recommend Teal to anyone who is looking to transition into a new role or career path, and especially to anyone whose job has been affected by COVID-19. As cheesy as this might sound: I can firmly say that you're not alone when you're part of Teal's community."

Delia Caroline Bennett

On adjusting to their "new normal"

For those feeling uprooted from their work due to the affects of COVID-19, Teal provides a place to learn and connect with others going through the same experience.

"The last few weeks have been challenging as I transitioned from a company I loved to my "new normal". The job hunt is never easy, especially during these strange times, however, I've been fortunate enough to secure a spot in a 6-week Career Assist program through Teal. David Fano and his team have put together some really great content and tools to support those of us who were directly affected by COVID-19. I can't recommend this course enough and am grateful to be surrounded by some really talented people in my cohort."

Jordyn Buglione

On needing structure while job searching.

Our Career Assist Program can provide you the structure you need in this time of uncertainty. Weekly sessions keep you on track and your community keeps you accountable.

"I find Teal guidance beneficial when trying to navigate the job search. The process of applying and interviewing can get stressful and overwhelming. With Teal, I have all the tools to succeed, I just have to take consistent action. (It sounds like an ad, but it’s not. It’s from the heart)."

Katya Rozhko

On gaining, in a time of feeling lost.

Give yourself the best shot possible when job searching at this time. From gaining general tips and tricks to making new connections, there's nothing to lose.

"With the impact from #covid19, I found myself laid off and thought “why not, what have I got to lose?”. What have I got to lose?!? I should have been saying look what I’ve got to gain! David Fano and his team have created a dynamic networking community of people looking to support one another while navigating the job market. If you find yourself looking for your next job, I highly recommend trying out Teal’s Career Assist program.

Susan Elliott-Bocassi

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