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If you're feeling stuck in your job search, we've helped hundreds of professionals stand out as candidates, land more interviews, and negotiate better offers in roles they love.

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Why we think this program is for you...

Career Assist is a one-stop shop to supercharge your job search.

The average job search takes over 3-5 months. With the current state of unemployment, Teal wants you to have the best shot at landing your next role.

Join this two-hour per week commitment and Teal will help you redesign your job search strategy. A Teal Career Guide will lead you and your cohort of other professionals through 8 interactive sessions covering the following topics:

Week 1Focusing in on your search and learning how to tell your story.

Week 2Finding the right jobs for you and customizing your materials.

Week 3Getting your foot in the door and tips on how to land more interviews.

Week 4Maximizing your value and managing your career for the long-term.

Additional Details

This program is for you if...

  • Your job search is taking a lot of time and energy, and you're losing steam.
    Teal's approach will make your efforts more efficient and shorten your search.

  • You're spending hours Googling tips and advice on your job search.
    Teal Career Guides will answer your nuanced career questions in real time. 

  • You're applying but not hearing back from as many companies as you'd like.Teal will help you find your edge and be in the top 2% that lands the interview.

  • You feel like job searching is a lonely process.Teal programs are done within a small group, so you’ll be with professionals who  can motivate you, support you, and share their experience with you.

  • You want help with your job search, but don’t want to publicize it to your network.
    Teal provides a safe and private space for you to work on your job search. Feel free to use an alias in our community if you don’t want others to know you’re looking.

What You Get

While the most unique part of Teal is the communal experience of job searching as a group — asking questions, getting feedback, and learning from other professionals' experiences — by the end of this program you'll also have:

  • ATS Optimized Materials

  • A Suite of Career Templates & Tools

  • Premium Career Content

  • Recordings of Each Live Session

  • Every Session Slide Deck

  • New Interview Skills & Tactics

  • A New Professional Community

  • Weekly Career Events

  • Interview Practice Sessions

  • Virtual Networking Events

All inclusions and initiatives are available through Teal's Member Portal or our Member-Only Slack Channel.

The Teal Difference

We pride ourselves on offering unique and proprietary methods that personalize your experience and make you feel more supported.

  • Live Interactive Group Sessions
    Job searching is done better together. We believe that the wisdom and experience of a collective community helps individuals thrive. 

  • Teal’s Work Style Assessment
    Our job search strategy isn’t one-size fits all. All Teal members take our proprietary assessment based on the famous DISC framework that enables you to cater our career content to your personal needs.

  • Continued access throughout your career.
    Unlike other courses that leave you hanging when the workshop is over, you can continue to engage with the community, tools, and events through Teal membership.

Additionally, here's how we differ from other alternatives in cost:

& Tools
Live Expert
Community &
Teal Career Programs $99 per program
1:1 Career Coaching $300 per session
Online Career Courses $197 per course

Choose a Timeslot

Program groups meet at the same time twice a week. Space is limited. Reserve your spot today for $99.

Note: Sessions are live however if you miss one, recordings are available upon request.

"Teal looks not only to give job-seekers a better, more interactive playbook for landing a job, but also pairs its members with other members who are going through the same thing"

"Three weeks into my program with Teal, I was able to get two great offers, and I'm really excited to be starting my new role in the coming weeks. " –Andrew Kostin, eBay

How It Works

Choose a time and reserve your spot.
Programs meet at the same time every week. Join a group by choosing a time slot and paying the $99 one-time fee to reserve your spot.
Attend Group Sessions twice a week.
Your Career Guide will lead you through a combination of content and break out sessions to interact and connect with others in your group.
Get access to Teal's Member Platforms
As a member of a Teal program, you get full access to our member portal of content and resources, community Slack, practice sessions and more.
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Our Career Guides

Dave Fano
Dave Fano is the CEO & Founder of Teal. He is a serial entrepreneur and most recently served as the Chief Growth Officer at WeWork. Dave has years of experience building high growth companies and has personally hired hundreds of professionals. He is now is looking to help professionals get hired at jobs they love and build fulfilling careers.
Satya Patel
Satya Patel has over 15 years of experience in the career development field and is a Board Certified Coach (BCC) through the Center For Credentialing & Education with a M.A. in Counseling from NYU. She has worked extensively with clients from a variety of industries in her own practice and as a consultant for several companies.
Staci Taustine
Staci Taustine has 10 years of coaching, training and leadership development experience working across the public and private sectors including Coro New York Leadership Center, La Guardia, and Teach for America. Staci believes in the power of community and the magic that can happen when you bring people together.