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Join Teal by signing up for one of our 4-Week Career Programs for $99. This will be your entrance into membership and will teach you the Teal approach to managing your long-term career.

Career Shift

Unclear on your next career move.

We understand job searching is hard if you don't know what you want to do in life. Career Shift will help you find clarity if your path forward seems unclear.

Career Assist

Searching for your next job.

Learn how to job search more effectively, whether that means shortening the time you spend job searching or landing a job that's a better fit for you.

Career Assist

Searching for your next job.

In this workshop, you'll learn how to job search more efficiently. We'll teach you not just "how to get a job," but how to get a better job than you would on your own.

$99 One-Time Fee
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Career Shift

Unclear on your next career move.

We understand job searching is hard if you don't know what you want to do in life. Career Shift will help you find the clarity if your path forward seems unclear.

$99 One-Time Fee
Sign Up for Career Shift

We believe career growth is better when done together.

See What Program is for You

Step One.
Choose a Teal Career Program based on your current employment situation. All programs are a $99 one-time fee and include 1 month of Teal Premium membership.

Step Two.
You and a group of other professionals similar to you will take part in 4 weeks of interactive sessions led by one of our Career Guides (2 per week, 8 sessions total). In these sessions, our goal is to help you determine the next step in your professional journey through education, support, and our premium tools and resources.

Step Three.
After your program sessions are over, take advantage of Teal's Premium Membership for an additional month and upgrade for continued access to our community, content, events, tools and more on a monthly basis.

Teal's Member Portal of Tools, Templates & Content

When you sign up for a career program, you get access to our member-only portal where you can find your program curriculum, our suite of digital tools, and career templates to make your job search more efficient and more effective.

Teal Premium Membership

In addition to your career program and materials, you get a month-long trial of our Premium Membership which starts the same day as your program. After your trial membership is over, you can upgrade to one of Teal's membership tiers to keep your tools and stay involved with the community. Learn more →

Teal Community, Slack & Events
Connect with over 1,500 other professionals over our slack community and attend weekly events including interview practice sessions, fireside chats and virtual speed networking.
All Teal Workshops & Programs
Once your program is over, you can take any of our other programs or add-on workshops. Get all of your career questions answered through our platform or during group coaching.
Teal Digital Tools, Content & Templates
Be the first to use our suite of digital tools including our proprietary Work Style assessment or other tools like our achievement builder, compensation projector and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which program is right for me? What if I want to sign up for more than one?

Everyone is a little different. We designed these programs to cover the three major moments when professionals feel their career has reached a standstill. If you’re between two different programs, we recommend choosing the one that resonates most with you and your current job situation. You can also answer this brief questionnaire to help you decide. After your introductory course is over, you're more than welcome to join one of our other programs if you have an All-Access membership.

How much does it cost to join? What's Included?

To join Teal, you sign up and pay for one of our 4-week programs for a one-time fee of $99. You'll attend 8 sessions with other professionals as part of a team. Sessions are led by a Teal Career Guide.  In each session you'll learn the Teal approach to career growth. In addition to the curriculum and materials, you'll get three months of membership — which includes full access to our portal of tools and templates, our content library, access to all of Teal's career and networking events, practice interview sessions, and more.

We want you to feel confident and secure by the end of your program, so if the program does not provide that for you, we will provide you with a full refund.

What is the commitment? Do I have to participate in the sessions?

All Career Assist Programs have a 4 week long commitment (2 sessions per week, 8 sessions total, 1 hour each session). Each session is educational and most will have you interact with other members of your group. Overall, we've seen that you get out of the program what you give. Engaging in the sessions will benefit your personal growth, and the more willing you are to be open about your experiences, the more likely others will support you in the same way. We highly encourage you to embrace the interactive group aspect of the course. Our members say that they found the community was one of the most valuable benefits of the program.

When do the programs start and what time are the sessions?

Our program teams are filled on a rolling basis due to demand. During onboarding, you'll be asked about your availability and how soon you'd like to start. If your assigned program meets at an undesirable time for you, our Member Operations team will be happy to work with you to accommodate your needs.

Is it possible to skip the program and just become a member of Teal?

We want to make sure all Teal members are up to speed with the Teal approach to career management and feel comfortable engaging with the community. Over the course of your program, your Career Guide will bring you through various educational sessions that cover our methodologies paired with our tools and content. Learning alongside other professionals on your program team will give you the chance to make stronger connections.