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What Are the Top 10 Interview Questions?

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Apr 27, 2020
Jun 28, 2022

What Are the Top 10 Interview Questions?

Dave Fano

It would be great if you knew exactly what questions the interviewer at your job interview was going to ask. While we don't have a crystal ball, we can help you prepare for the most common job interview questions.

It would be great if you knew exactly what questions the interviewer at your job interview was going to ask. While we don't have a crystal ball, we can help you prepare for the most common job interview questions.

Below, we'll break down the top 10 job interview questions and how you can best prepare for them.

What are the top 10 questions asked at a job interview?

Question 1: Tell me about yourself

This is an extremely common job interview question. Every job interview you go on will ask a version of this question. A lot of hiring managers use it right off the bat. Your answer should share details that the hiring manager wouldn't read on your resume.

Have examples from previous work experience. It's important to show your personality and the type of work you do best. For example, if you took extended time off, let them know why. This is a great question to mention a training program you completed or a specific skill you are an expert in.

Question 2: What is your ideal work environment?

Think of your last job. Then consider the new role you are interviewing for and what would be different. If you work best in a private office and get easily distracted but this company has an open floor plan, don't mention that.

It's a great question to say you love working with a team or being a leader if you will be responsible for other employees.

Question 3: Where do you see yourself in five years?

This is a question you will want to practice for. You want to find the right mix of ambition without coming off too overconfident.

Avoid saying things like, "I want your job in five years" or "I want to make a lot of money." Keep it professional.

It's always safe to focus on a goal you would like to achieve. For example, if you would like to get a new degree or advance to a new level in your industry.

Question 4: How did you first learn about the job opening?

This is an easy question and usually comes from someone in human resources. It won't take up too much time and there is no need for much preparation. The interviewer simply wants to confirm if their job postings or advertisements are effective.

Question 5: Why do you want to leave your current job?

This is a very common interview question. The hiring manager wants to hear if you have a good reason to leave or if you are the kind of person that jumps as soon as you don't get your way. Stay positive and don't say negative things about your current company or boss.

Say things like, this is the right time for me to make a move. Stress how your last job has helped prepare you for your next job. Be specific, you don't just want to say, this is my dream job!

Question 6: Why do you want this job?

This is one of the most common job interview questions for good reason, and you want to get the answer right. All hiring managers want to know if you would be a good fit for the open position and if you really want to work at their company. Make sure your answer is memorable.

Discuss your past and how you have grown. Explain how your best strength matches the job description. Nailing this answer is a crucial step in landing your next job.

Question 7: What are your strengths?

This is another one of the most common interview questions that you should have a solid answer for. It's a great question to apply The STAR method. Try to focus on your skills and experience without just rattling them off.

Share a past work situation where you utilized a strength to better your company. Describe a requirement from the job description to get your point across. The best answers are the ones that prove you are the right one for the job.

Question 8: What are your weaknesses?

If you are asked about your strengths, there is a great chance you will also be asked about your weaknesses. Candidates always have a hard time talking about something negative, so you will want to take time to plan a smart answer.

No one is expected to be the greatest at everything, so never say you don't have a weakness. Share a story about improving on your weaknesses. For example, if you aren't a strong public speaker, talk about giving a presentation to a room full of people.

Question 9: Why should we hire you?

Another one of the common interview questions that can make a candidate nervous. Focus your answer on how your skills and experience align with the job description. Reinforce why you are looking for a new job and how you would be a great asset to the team.

Talk about why you want to work at the company and what you hope to accomplish. If this job interview question is used at the start, use your answer to guide the conversation.

Question 10: What questions do you have for me?

Make sure you ask at least one or two questions on every job interview. A future employer might think you are disinterested in the job if you don't even ask one question. Research the company and role before your interview.

You can write down a few common interview questions in case you can't think of something to ask. If you don't get the time to ask all of your questions, you can follow up with an email.

If you are interviewing with the hiring manager, avoid topics such as salary and the hours. Save those questions for your interview or discussion with human resources.

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