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Welcome Amanda Goetz

Careers are hard. Growing your careers is even harder. What we’ve learned at Teal is the more you welcome people into the journey, the more opportunities present themselves for growth. When we started looking for someone to help us build an empathic and ambitious brand, we needed to find a person that was sincere, open, thoughtful, knowledgeable and cared deeply about careers. Frankly I didn’t think it was achievable until I started following Amanda Goetz. 

Over time I learned from a distance about a person who cared & shared openly. Understood career struggles and what it meant to be ambitious and overcome them. That “from a far”, became direct, with Amanda agreeing to share her career stories with our community, not once, but many times.

Today I couldn’t be more excited to welcome Amanda as our half-time CMO at Teal. Beyond getting an exceptional executive, we are excited to show that the traditional models of employment need to change. It does not have to be all or nothing, a person can be a committed and meaningful contributor to a company while also pursuing entrepreneurial effort. We are thrilled to learn from Amanda and support her in every way we can in building House of Wise. As a team we’ve already learned so much from watching how she’s navigated building her brand, being an entrepreneur & team leader. 

The role of marketing in a company is often misunderstood and underappreciated. I have a deep belief that without understanding your market and how to connect with it, you can’t build a successful  product, company or team. Our team has made an exponential leap in that arena by having the privilege of Amanda joining us on our journey to enable people to make the right career decisions with confidence. 

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Dave Fano

Dave Fano

Founder and CEO of Teal, Dave is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience building products & services to help people leverage technology and achieve more with less.

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