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6 Reasons to Register for Teal's Career Growth Summit

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Oct 9, 2020
Jun 28, 2022

6 Reasons to Register for Teal's Career Growth Summit

Dave Fano

There’s no denying that the state of managing careers has changed in 2020. That’s why we created the Career Growth Summit. Here are 6 reasons why you should register today.

There’s no denying that the state of managing careers has changed in 2020.

Now, more than ever, people are reinventing themselves and reimagining what they want from their careers. Teal has helped thousands of professionals grow their careers and take control over their career paths, and we wanted a way to help more people. 

That’s why we created the Career Growth Summit. The event is jam-packed with one-of-a-kind sessions, speakers, and networking events.

First time hearing about the event? Here’s a quick recap of the key information

  • The event is on October 21st and 22nd
  • 30+ hours of career-oriented and actionable content
  • It’s virtual, so you can customize the event to your needs
  • Some of the biggest names and businesses in attendance
  • The event is completely FREE 
  • $2000+ worth of career-related giveaways

Want to know what to expect before registering? Here are 6 reasons why you should attend Teal’s Career Growth Summit.

Learn from the best minds in the industry

There is a reason why experts start their own businesses or hold senior-level positions at the top companies. They are the best of the best in their respective fields. We’ve brought together industry leaders, career experts, and business executives to talk to topics that are sure to supercharge your career.

For example: Who better to talk about negotiating than Cynthia Media Carson, who is the founder and CEO of WeWager, a business built around helping job seekers negotiate.

If you’re looking for virtual interviewing best practices, Kim Apodaca, a virtual stylist, Ruth Rama-Witt, an executive recruiter, and Leila Sbitani, TV host and media coach, are the three best people to share ways to take your interviewing skills to the next level.

Here’s a highlight of some of the speakers:

Enhance every aspect of your career

Whether your focus is working on your building your digital presence, networking, negotiating, making a career shift, or searching for a job, our Career Growth Summit covers it all.

Here’s a preview of some of the sessions:

  • How to Nail the Zoom Interview
  • How to Craft The Perfect Resume for a Career
  • Negotiating and Getting Paid Your Worth
  • Bringing Your Whole Self to Work
  • Forever Employable: How To Stop Looking for Work and Let Your Next Job Find You
  • Speed Networking
  • 1:1 Resume Reviews
  • Managing Your Career for the Long Term

Check out the rest of the sessions here.

Build Your Network

There’s no denying that one of the benefits of attending conferences is the ability to network. This is especially true when exploring new career paths – the best way to learn is to talk to other professionals about their perspectives, experiences, and previous roles.

We’ve designed the Career Growth Summit to support and highlight the round table and networking events. You’ll get the opportunity to meet new people and network 1:1, and in group settings.

Learn more about the networking opportunities here.

Here's what people are saying:

Gain Actionable and Insightful Takeaways

It’s undeniable that most of the information online about managing careers is fluff. This event is going to be different.

Our speakers are here to bring something new and impactful to the table. They’re delivering sessions that teach immediately applicable skills that will travel with you as you progress throughout your career.

Whether you are looking for your dream job, wanting to succeed in your current role, or looking to make a pivot, you are sure to leave each session with action items and next steps.

Get answers to your career-related questions

Have career-related questions that aren’t easily answered online? Our sessions are interactive, so come ready to ask or chat your question in our many job search and career-related sessions.

As a bonus, you’ll gain access to our Career Commons Slack Community by registering and attending the event. It’s a place to ask questions and receive answers from an engaged community of people who have been through similar experiences.

Fully Customizable Virtual Sessions

What makes the Career Growth Summit unique is that you decide what you want to learn. Once you register, you’ll be able to pick and choose which topics you care most about. If you’re not 100% sure what you are looking for, that’s okay! We’ve built specific tracks to make it as easy as possible.

The event is broken up into two days.

Day One: Career Speaker Series

The first day is focused on the career speakers. They’ll share their expertise and provide invaluable insight into their respective fields. Most of the events are interactive, so come ready to ask questions and participate.

Day Two: Job Search Bootcamp

Day two is where you’ll get to take what you learned from the first day and apply it to your career. We’ll be running all-day job search workshops including 1:1 resume reviews and LinkedIn reviews. 

Get Your Ticket Today

Since this event is free, you don’t need to worry about parking or rideshare, buying a new outfit to impress tons of new connections, and you also don’t need to worry about registration costs. 

Once you sign up, you’ll choose what free content you want to learn, and we’ll see you on October 21st and 22nd. Don’t worry,  we’ll send you all of the instructions and a couple of reminders leading up to the event.

Don’t miss out on the Career Growth Summit. Register today.

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