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Sep 8, 2020
Jun 28, 2022

Job Application Tips

Dave Fano

Applying for a new job can be a stressful experience for many. It can be a long and arduous task with seemingly no end in sight. However, as with most things in life, there are plenty of ways to give yourself the best possible chance of success.

Applying for a new job can be a stressful experience for many. It can be a long and arduous task with seemingly no end in sight. However, as with most things in life, there are plenty of ways to give yourself the best possible chance of success.

From how you come across to employers, to how you find jobs to apply for, here is a list of some of the most important tips when it comes to job applications.

Present your Best Possible Self

This should go without saying, but many people still fail to fully achieve this. Presenting the best possible version of yourself is key to any successful job application. Your resumé should highlight your best attributes and show your prospective employers exactly why you would be an asset to their company. Be specific.

Aside from your resumé, any email correspondence, phone calls, or face-to-face interactions should aim to show yourself off as the ideal candidate. Be as professional as possible by being on time, enthusiastic, and well-spoken. The hiring manager should be left with the impression that you are the ideal candidate for the role.

Presenting the best possible version of yourself does not mean you have to lie about anything. If you don't know something, be honest, but suggest how you can overcome this or what you do know that is relevant. Answer job interview questions in a way that shows what information and skills you do know and what you can do, rather than what you can't.

Tailor Applications to a Specific Job

When applying for any job, you will want to communicate to your prospective employer that you really want that particular job. Your cover letter will go a long way to making that point. Be specific and pick out key details within the job to show the hiring employers that you are committed to the role and that you can fit the job title.

You may be the perfect candidate for the role, but someone with similar credentials who displays more of an interest or passion in the role will likely get the job ahead of you if you don't step it up.

Things like marital status, sexual orientation, and other personal lifestyle details shouldn't matter to the interviewer as long as you are skilled and motivated. Remember, passion is what matters most.

Be Prepared

Preparation is essential in all walks of life, but in the field of careers, it can be the difference between landing your dream job and missing out. Being prepared encompasses a whole host of facets, from organized documents, up-to-date resumés, and confident job interviews.

Do your best to make sure you know everything there is to know about your prospective job, including being able to answer questions about the company. They might even show up on the application form since many application forms ask for a wide variety of information.

Be sure your job application is thorough and addresses everything relevant to the job. Prepare questions for interviews and show a genuine interest in the job. You should be prepared for anything that is thrown at you during the job application process--including the application form questions.

Double-Check Everything

There are few things that can undermine an otherwise solid job application as much as sloppiness. Applications for job opportunities should be organized. Triple-check and reread everything and anything before submitting.

Grammatical errors, typos, and spelling mistakes are all basic things that can make an application look unprofessional, careless, and reflect badly on you as a person. This extends to emails and face-to-face conversations. Make sure that any information you tell your possible employer is accurate, and avoid unprofessional language and slang with your application of job.

Stay on Top of Things

It is easy to get complacent when job applications are going as planned, but that could derail your chances of being successful. Even if you haven't received many replies (or any at all) keep checking emails daily and stay on top of things. Be sure that phone numbers and other contact information are always up to date on application forms and in emails.

Do not miss application deadlines, make sure you note down when interviews are and don't be late for meetings. Replying to emails promptly can make all the difference to your job application.

Know Where to Look

Sometimes, the biggest issue with finding a job is not the application itself but where you are sending your applications. Not all jobs are created equal and some are just looking for something you may not have.

Use reliable job boards for professional roles, but make sure you have the right qualifications and experience before applying. If you are going for jobs that are beyond your current reach, you will likely just be wasting your time with an application.

Freelancers will likely have more success on freelance-specific websites, but these come with their own set of things to watch out for. If you have limited application credits, use them wisely, and do not waste them on people with little to no employment history or less than favorable user reviews.

Do Not be Disheartened

Above all else, do not be disheartened. A job search is rarely straightforward and can take a lot longer than first anticipated. There can be plenty of rejections, and for many, a response never comes. However, if you want to be successful in finding a new job, you cannot afford to take it to heart, or worse, give up.

Instead, use possible rejections to improve on your next application. Ask for constructive criticism wherever possible and look to improve your chances with your next application. Multiple rejections may suggest that something is not right with your application and could be something that can be rather easily fixed.

Keep your head up and always look to improve with each application. Eventually, you will land a job you are after.

In Summary

Job applications are often a difficult process with many twists and turns. With some of the tips mentioned above, you will have the best possible chance of securing the job you are after.

Don't stagnate in your job search. Make sure your cover letter is as good as it can be, and present yourself as well as you possibly can. With the right approach, you'll land a job very soon.

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