How to Create a Productive Workspace

Creating a productive workspace is important whether you're working in an office or from home. There are plenty of things that can contribute to a productive workspace from interior design to desk management and location.

The following article will take you through some of the most important considerations to make when deciding how to arrange your work environment to suit you and make you as productive as possible.

Remove Distractions

Perhaps the easiest thing to deal with when setting up a productive workspace, especially a home workspace, is removing distractions. These can come in many different forms from annoying noises, discomfort, or even people.

Make sure your seating area is comfortable and allows you to work at your best. The last thing you need when you are attempting to be productive is constant neck pain.

If you are working from home, other people can be especially distracting. Make work hours clear to friends and family members and do not engage in much conversation with others unless necessary for your work. The more distractions you can remove, the easier it will be to be productive in your home workspace.

Turn off your Phone

As mentioned above, phones can be a particularly disruptive influence in the workplace. Not only is using your phone at work often unprofessional but it can detrimental to your work.

Turn off your phone when you're working unless you need it. If you do need it for work purposes, remove or block distracting apps, or even consider getting a work phone. Phones can be one of the biggest culprits when it comes to procrastination and being inefficient, so do not let yourself be distracted at your desk.

Have Things You Need Nearby

Making sure you have everything you need at your disposal will keep you more focused on your work. If you find yourself often getting up for whatever reason, and as a result taking time away from your work, look to remedy it.

Of course, getting up and taking regular short breaks is necessary and should be included in any company culture, but do not get up more than you need to. Keep snacks and drinks close by when possible, have office supplies that you need frequently within arms reach, and keep yourself as organized as possible.

Make Yourself Comfortable

We touched on making yourself comfortable above, but it is a point worth driving home. An uncomfortable work environment is not conducive to productivity.

Get yourself a comfortable desk chair if possible, invest in a comfy mouse pad, and wear comfortable (but appropriate) clothing. Whether you're co founder or bottom of the rung, it's essential to create a productive atmosphere.

Your well-being and comfort is paramount to your productivity. Your office space should be an area where you feel motivated and at ease.

Furnish your office space or home office with things you like. Even if they do not contribute to your physical comfort, they will help make your space feel more your own and reduce stress.

Keep Your Workspace Tidy

Keeping your space of work clean and organized whether it is a home office or otherwise is essential to increasing productivity. People work best when things are neat and orderly. It isn't difficult to maintain and can make a world of difference.

Make sure to keep your workspace dust-free and uncluttered. Find a place for your devices, appliances, and materials that can allow you to have a spacious and tidy desk and office space.

By making sure your workspace is clean and well-kept, it reflects well on you and allows you to have a clear mind. Nobody does their best work when they can't find what they need and feel overwhelmed with the mess.

Get a Plant

This probably isn't the first thing you think of when trying to increase productivity but it is certainly worth consideration. Plants will give your office space more life and make the area less boring and dull.

By having a plant, you will also need natural light which is not only good for the plant but good for you. Natural light keeps you alert and therefore productive. This is easily implemented in a home office but can also be a great idea in a more traditional office space as long as your employer is okay with it.

If you are still skeptical about the benefits of having a plant on your desk then you're sure to be impressed by the following. A 2010 study found that employee anxiety was reduced by 37%, depression by 58%, anger by 44%, and fatigue by 38% simply by having a plant in the office.

Don't Make too Many Drastic Changes

You may be reading this article thinking to yourself that your desk space needs a total makeover. While that may be true, try not to go overboard and change too many things too quickly.

Familiarity shouldn't be underestimated when it comes to feeling comfortable and getting good work done. Start with small changes and see how you feel about them. Big sweeping changes to your familiar working space can have negative effects and end up being counter-intuitive to what you're trying to achieve.

In Summary

Being productive ultimately comes from within but creating a workspace to bring out the best in you can help dramatically. Make the workspace your own and take on as many of the tips above to give yourself the best chance of getting work done efficiently.

Remember to create a space you are comfortable with and don't change too many things too quickly. The most important thing when it comes to productivity is to be happy in your surroundings.

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