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How Many Jobs Should I Apply to?

Finding a good-paying job is not easy. A lot goes into it: time, patience, energy, and determination regardless of the number of failures. But how many jobs should you apply to in order to land a really good one? Are you being patient enough? 

In this article, we’ll discuss what you should expect as a job seeker these days. 

How to Manage Your Job Search

Perhaps one of the most useful tools for a job search is Teal’s Job Search Tracker extension. It’s free and super easy to use. It allows job seekers to stay organized in their job search because it saves jobs from across virtually any job board to one central location.

Apart from efficiently saving job listings, it also highlights the most important keywords, and gives you a place to keep notes, application status, and follow-up reminders.

Ideal Strategy for Applying to Jobs

There are numerous ways to apply to and find jobs, from sending resumes online to walk-in interviews, online Skype interviews, the list goes on. However, with all these methods, it’s only fair to ask what is the quickest way to land the ideal job? Should you focus on quality over quantity or vice versa? Let’s take a look at what to consider. 


If you’ve limited yourself to one location only, you’ll probably have more trouble finding jobs. If you can travel a little farther than your area or even inter-city, you will have more job options to choose from. 

You could have the same organization looking for potential employees at different locations, possibly with more benefits or a better package. Or you could even get a job offer that covers your basic expenses, such as housing or pays twice what you were looking at earlier. 

Different Keywords

When a company is hiring, especially if it’s newly established or is a startup, they usually have several job openings at one time. Therefore, instead of only using one keyword, try changing the words’ order or type in various keywords. Some common job-hunting keywords include manager, coordinator, director, developer, etc. Different companies will have different definitions of levels. Try testing whatever relevant word you can come up with so that you may find all the versions of one particular job. 

Similarly, you can switch up locations and toss in these keywords again and see what shows up. Repeat this every day until you find the job you really want, or the job finds you. This should help you apply to a minimum of 5-10 jobs a week. 

Timing and Speed

Doing anything, especially if it’s something as complicated as finding a good job, requires time and effort. Try to stay on top of things and check job postings every day. Don’t just set one particular day or time to look for jobs. 

You might apply for a job on a Tuesday thinking there’ll be no similar jobs for at least two to three days. And this is where you’ll fall behind, and someone else will score the job that could potentially be yours. Increase your chances by applying to jobs as soon as you see them.

Timing and speed are everything in the job market today. The sooner the interviewers and hiring managers receive a considerable amount of applications, the quicker they’ll start the application process.

This doesn’t mean you should be on your laptop 24/7 applying. But instead of spending only one or two days looking for jobs for over five hours, take out one to two hours to apply for jobs each day at a set time, preferably 9 to 11 am when the office work is in full swing. This will assist you in staying on top and applying to jobs within an ideal time range. 


To sum it up, apply to at least 5 to 10 jobs a week, ensuring that you switch up the keywords, location, and levels. Don’t shy away from making a few tweaks and changes to your resume and cover letter if necessary, and spend at least an hour every day looking for jobs relevant to your field. Stay active on your email and other professional accounts, and don’t forget to stay motivated!

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Dave Fano

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