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How To Become a Project Manager With No Experience

The title “project manager” is broad. Generally speaking, project managers deal with almost every part of projects from start to finish. They're responsible for meeting deadlines, predicting team bandwidth, and keeping goals on track.

So as someone new to the role, what should you put on your resume? We’re going to give you some ideas for how to focus on your skills and achievements to craft a resume that will help you stand out, even if you don’t have much (or any) experience yet.

Top 6 Skills and Tools for Project Managers

In general, project managers are responsible for overseeing the successful implementation of various campaigns and initiatives. The people you work with will vary. To make your resume shine, focus on showing yourself as organized and a versatile problem-solver. Below are some key responsibilities and skill sets that employers will expect a project manager to have. Think about how you could incorporate these into your own resume.

1. Organizational skills

Once your company has its goals set, your job as a project manager is to help ensure each team member has the information, support and guidance they need to complete their portion of each project. You’ll leverage your organizational skills in many specific ways. For example, you may set a project schedule or create a chart to communicate the status of various deliverables to your colleagues.

2. Project planning 

Project planning basically means applying a management process to your project or, more plainly, drawing up a roadmap of how to get stuff done in a certain timeframe. It involves setting objectives, listing deliverables and identifying further tasks. 

3. Vendor relations

Companies these days rely heavily on other tools, businesses and people to accomplish their marketing goals. As a project manager, you’ll likely be one of the key points of contact and will need to master the skill of managing these relationships. 

4. Budgeting 

This one is fairly obvious. And while it can be the most difficult skill to hone, your company will value you immensely if you can successfully plan and monitor your campaign’s budget as you reach your goals. 

5. Analytics 

When you’re overseeing the successful completion of a marketing campaign, it’s extremely helpful to be able to study data in order to understand, evaluate and explain the performance of a marketing activity. Comfort using technology helps. Being able to communicate and present your analysis to your team will be super valuable in ensuring your company is getting the most out of its campaign. 

6. Knowledge of project management tools

Popular project management tools include:

Practice using these tools, and add them to your resume. If your resume matches up with a project management tool listed in the job description, you'll be more appealing to hiring managers. That's how you tailor your resume.

Example Achievements

Once you feel comfortable with how you’ve listed your skills, shift your focus to your achievements. What have you done in your career so far that best tells your story as a prospective project manager? Here, it’s important to be as specific as possible. Use numbers and metrics wherever possible to fully convey your impact.

Depending on your level of experience, this might be more or less tricky to do. As you gain more experience in your career, you’ll be able to include more achievements on your resume.

Below are some examples of common project manager achievements. 

  • Oversaw the creation of four new products from concept to market entry, including creating and managing four cross-functional projects (legal, R&D, finance)
  • Created a database of 50 internal resources, improving the marketing employee onboarding experience and reducing the time spent on each project by almost 50%
  • Developed marketing strategy for a key new product based on competitor activity and customer requests 
  • Hosted daily syncs and followed up at EOW with status reports
  • Managed 15 global stakeholders’ workflows in South America and Asia 
  • Developed Excel standardized templates, which helped data collection efficiency

Be Patient

As a project manager, your job will almost always be challenging, but it will also always be of critical importance to everyone you work with. To really make your resume stand out when applying for this type of role, focus on underscoring your ability to keep a diverse and complex team organized. Do your best to illustrate all the ways you are able to synthesize information and develop solutions that meet your company’s needs.

Above all else, remember that everyone has to start somewhere. Even if you don’t have much formal experience (yet), you can still make sure that your resume shows you and your skills in the best possible light. To get even more help putting together your resume, sign up for Teal and use our free Resume Builder tool. And good luck!

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