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Compensation & Negotiation

Class Description

This class will teach you how to maximize your value by understanding total compensation, how to research your market value, and how to negotiate successfully.

In this class we'll cover:
  1. The Teal Approach to Compensation & Negotiation
    Learn about the mindset needed to be successful in negotiating.
  2. Total Compensation
    An overview of all of the things that go into compensation to consider when approaching negotiation
  3. Research
    Get prepared for your negotiation by learning how to research your market value
  4. Preparation
    Learn how to prepare for a negotiation and determine your target salary range.
  5. Negotiation
    Understand how to negotiate at different stages of the interview process.

Included in this class are exercises as well as access to our community forum, Career Council, where you can read and discuss this topic with others in the Teal community.

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This class is hosted by Teal CEO and Founder, Dave Fano, and developed by the Teal Team, including Director of Career Serivces, Satya Chheda.

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