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Class Description

This class will teach you how to identify opportunities you like, are qualified for, and want to apply to. In this class you'll get key tools and tips to find job opportunities that excite you outside of just searching job boards.

In this class we'll cover:
  1. The Teal Approach
    Learn how to use a sales mindset to approach the process of uncovering job opportunities
  2. People
    Learn how to mine your contacts, grow your network, and manage your relationships
  3. Companies
    Understand company attributes and how to best research potential companies
  4. Jobs
    Know where to find job opportunities and what to look for when searching
  5. Job Tracker
    Optimize your process by using Teal's job tracker tool.

Included in this class are exercises as well as access to our community forum, Career Council, where you can read and discuss this topic with others in the Teal community.

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This class is hosted by Teal CEO and Founder, Dave Fano, and developed by the Teal Team, including Director of Career Serivces, Satya Chheda.

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