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At Teal, we are a collective of individuals who have all been through uncertainty and career challenges before. We have all felt lost out at sea and lacked the support of a community.
We want to help you through these moments.

Dave Fano
CEO & Founder
Lara Perlstein
Member Operations
Keith Gould
Lead Engineer
Jorge Sierra
Software Engineer

Our Values

Trust First

A little trust goes a long way. Careers are too hard to manage alone, but many of us don’t know each other well (yet)–so we’ve all got to be honest and assume that members of the community will be thoughtful and reciprocate that trust.

Always Be Valuable

You get out of the community what you put in. Help make Teal the go-to-place we all need in our careers by always looking to improve interactions, even if it seems small. If you are not sure if your contribution adds to the conversation or helps someone get closer to their goal, think it over and try again.

Be Intentional

Be curious, not judgemental. We're all here to grow, improve, and help others do the same along the way. Remember that everyone is dealing with things in their personal lives. Assume the best intent of others so they can do the same with you. Be purposeful with your goals and appreciate how the different perspectives in our community can help you achieve them.

Grow Together

Careers aren’t linear, and no one has all the answers (including the Teal team)! Help us make Teal the absolute best space for long-term career growth by sharing your insights, ideas, feedback, and creativity with each other, with the community, and with the Teal team.

Walk the Talk

Honor your commitments to yourself and to other members. We hope that many Teal members become your long-term friends, colleagues, or employers. Treat the community with respect by keeping conversations confidential unless told otherwise, and show integrity by following through on your commitments to one another.

Start & End with Intentions

This is a community where we are all learning together. Focus on having a growth mindset and encourage everyone to have an open mind. We come from varied industries, backgrounds, and points in our career. This means we have unique experiences and comfort levels with tools and types of interactions. We can learn from each other!

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