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Over 50,000 professionals have used Teal to manage their job search, and land jobs at

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All of Teal's tools are designed for an efficient job search so you can land a job you love sooner.
Job Tracker
Job searching made easy. Teal’s free job tracking tool is the most efficient way to manage a job search.
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Resume Builder
Quickly create tailored resumes and apply to more jobs.
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LinkedIn Review
Teal’s free LinkedIn Review tool is the best way to stand out to recruiters.
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Work Styles
Learn more about the way you work with Teal's career personality quiz.
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50,000 people have used Teal to find a new job.

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I've been working in the career development space for nearly 10 years now, and I am a HUGE fan of Teal's tracker. The UI is clean, simple and easy to navigate, but also has all the components you need. If you use this as your main job search project management tool - you'll be in good shape!
Alexandria Bellivan
"Good news: I just accepted an offer, thanks in large part to the guidance I received from the Teal community on resume building and interviewing."
Greg Kalfayan
"There’s an app to manage every aspect of your life… and now there’s ⁦⁦@teal_hq⁩ : the tool that will revolutionize how you manage your career."
Ralph Quintero
"This extension changed my life. It made my job search so much easier, more efficient and successful. I definitely recommend this extension if you are looking for a job!"
Daniela Vaduva
“The @teal_hq Job tracker is a serious game changer. This team does everything well - from tools to building community - if you’re on the job hunt, definitely check Teal out. The job tracker is definitely my go to app for getting jobs today”
Nick Mancini

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